If you’re spending your vacation with us at our Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Waterpark and Resort, and are thinking to yourself, “self, what else am I going to do while I’m on vacation?” have no fear, because New Braunfels and its surrounding areas are full of fun activities your entire group can enjoy. There are so many places in Texas that provide a great waterpark experience such as this one and also Lake Travis. The best thing about Lake Travis also is that there are so many things to do in Lake Travis so the kids should never get bored! However, Texas is known for its finicky weather, so in the event that there’s one day of your trip where the weather isn’t Waterpark-friendly, here are some alternative ideas on what to do!

If you’re traveling with kiddos this year there are some kid-approved options in town and within about 20 miles from the Waterpark:

  1. In New Braunfels, about a mile from the Resort Office, we have our very own Children’s Museum. They have fun exhibits where the kids can let their imaginations run wild and they have a newly renovated Water Table outside with their Jungle Gym. Every day the Wonder Shop has a different interactive craft or experience! (I hear they even have their very own pet Turtles swimming around!!!)

Childrens Muesuem

  1. On the outskirts of New Braunfels, traveling towards San Antonio, lies Animal World and Snake Farm. It’s basically a mini Zoo in the middle of suburbia. You’ll see Lions & Zebras & Camels, Oh My! There’s also snakes (obviously) so if you have a reptile fear, maybe skip this one. For more info, check out their website here!Zibra at zoo
  1. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous and up to driving a little bit farther out, the Natural Bridge Caverns and Wildlife Ranch has activities for all ages. About 20 minutes from the waterpark, the wildlife ranch is home to over 500 animals on 450 acres! From the comfort of your own vehicle, you can watch the animals and even throw out some food to feed some! The Caverns are for the little more adventurous, with tours of the cave that’s 180 feet below the ground. You’ll see some amazing sights, but make sure you’re ready to walk a bit. It’s also kind of chilly down there so make sure you bring a jacket! When you resurface from the Caverns, there’s plenty more things to do! There’s a high-ropes course, Zip Line, Fossil/Gem mining, and a Maze that you can race the rest of your friends/fam to complete. Hours and times vary, so make sure you check out the websites above!

Natural Bridge Caverns A couple options that are fun for all ages:

  1. A new-ish stop in NB is the Escape Haus (get it? Like “house” but because we’re a German town?) It’s an escape room game that has five different rooms to choose from and is available for all ages. They suggest you book in advance, and each room has a certain number of people it’s suggested for so make sure you plan accordingly and do your research online before-hand!
  2. If you want to hit up the movies while you’re in town, and want a unique experience, make sure you check out the Stars & Stripes Drive-in Theater! For the price of one ticket you get access to that screen’s double feature, but no worries, you aren’t required to see both films. You can even bring your own food, or buy snacks from their café! Keep in mind that this theater only opens after 6PM, so if you’re looking for a matinee you’ll have to stop somewhere else. Stars and Stripes Drive in Theatre
  3. If you’ll be with us on either Saturday during the summer and want to experience a little bit of New Braunfels’s local charm, downtown each Saturday from 9AM – 1 PM we have a Farmer’s Market with local produce, goods and live entertainment! There’s usually even an area for kids to do arts and crafts or play with chalk, etc. Grab a bite to eat and then explore our downtown area, just a block away!
  4. If you happen to be in town every third full weekend from February through November you’ll have the chance to hit up the Gruene (pronounced Green) Market Days in Historic Gruene, Texas. (It’s maybe two minutes from the Resort so don’t worry about a long drive!) It’s like an amped up version of the weekly Farmer’s Market, but with a lot more handmade goods from vendors all over Texas. Plus, you can explore Gruene while in the area, where you can see the famous Gruene Hall. John Travolta filmed his movie “Michael” there, George Strait loves the place, and for fans of The Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe brought one of her one-on-one dates two-stepping there. (Spoiler Alert! He became the next Bachelor!)

Gruene Texas

If you’re visiting us for a romantic getaway, hanging out with your #girlsquad or maybe it’s a boy’s trip, and are looking for some more 21+ fun there are some options to entertain:

  1. New Braunfels lies towards the bottom tip of the Texas Hill Country (if you’re driving North on I-35 you’ll notice the that the land going East is a lot flatter than the land due West). This region of Texas, centered mostly in the triangle of land that is NB-Fredericksburg-Marble Falls, is home to around 50 Texas Wineries. It’s basically the Napa Valley of the South. It’s a bit of a time commitment (driving to Fredericksburg takes about an hour and a half) but it’s definitely an option for a day trip while in the area! Visit texaswinetrail.com to get more info and see a map of all the spots. PS: Spring Break is the height of wildflower season in Texas, so make sure you’re ready for your cute pics with the Bluebonnets!
  2. New Braunfels has its very own nightlife scene as well, and it’s sure to be a good time during the week of #BahnBreak! Our downtown area is called the Plaza, and the streets that surround it have plenty of pubs, bars and saloons. Some of the include Pour Haus (again, German), The Phoenix Saloon (the original was allegedly the first bar in Texas to serve Women), and Conways. They all advertise live music, but make sure to look and see who’s playing where! Also, New Braunfels isn’t your typical big city but we do have both Uber and Lyft drivers so make sure to utilize those services if need be.
Inside Pour haus

Photo courtesy of the Play in New Braunfels Facebook page.

Whether you’re staying with us at the Resort at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, or just visiting us because you’re staying in the NB area, there are plenty of things to do over #Bahnbreak if the weather isn’t Bahn approved. If you’re staying at the Schlitterbahn Resort, the people at the front desk are your friends! Feel free to ask them questions about things to do in the area!