SNBW_FriendsMy dear Texas college friends, it’s that time of year where you all daydream about being out in the summer sun when in reality you’re trapped inside, trying to memorize a semester’s worth of notes. To all of you I say, breathe! This is the home stretch and soon enough you’ll be able to visit Schlitterbahn!

Now, you may think “But Pam, I can barely afford groceries and my Netflix subscription; let alone make a visit to SCHLITTERBAHN. It’s probably SUPER expensive!” Well friend, as a member of the Schlitterbahn staff, I’m able to give you the inside scoop on how to have lots of fun without having to spend lots of cash!

  1. You get way more bang for your buck!
    I’m sure you’ve heard of the “park” up the road in San Antonio, but let me tell you why Schlitterbahn is the best place to visit during the summer!
    That other park has discounts that seem cheaper at first, BUT think it through (review those econ 101 notes). At that park (or any other theme park) you have to pay for food AND parking, right? It adds up quick.
    Here at Schlitterbahn, parking is always free AND you get to bring in your own food if you want to. Yup, you read that right. YOU get to bring in what YOU want to eat! You’re welcome to buy food from the park, but that’s only if you want to; no pressure. (Except for Dippin’ Dots, they are delicious and you should always buy some.)SB-27
  2. Sidenote: Please don’t bring in glass bottles or alcohol. There’s a time and a place; wait till you leave the park or just enjoy some of our in-house cocktails!
  3. Visit the park on Surf n’ Save or Blast & Save days. What does that mean?
    Two sections of Schlitterbahn are open for Surf n’ Save days for a fraction of the price! The Surf n’ Save dates for 2014 are May 15-16, 19-25 and 27-30. That means once finals are over, you can kick off your summer vacation by enjoying award winning rides and water fun Texas style! The admission for Surf n’ Save days is $37.99 + tax per person – a reduced price that is only available at the ticket gate.
    Blast & Save days work the same way Surf n’ Save do, but only Blastenhoff is open during this time. You still get all the Schlitterbahn fun, but in a relaxed setting and still at a fraction of the price! The Blast & Save days for 2014 are April 18-20 and August 25-29. The admission price is $31.99 + tax per person – you know the drill, only available at our ticket gate.
  4. Follow us to win free tickets!
    On social media that is (please, no stalking!), and it’s as easy as it sounds! All you have to do is like our Facebook page (make sure to choose the park that’s closest to you) and keep an eye out for ticket contests (remember our #BahnLove contest?). Also make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram – throughout the summer we will be hosting all sorts of fun contests for you and your friends to enter!

We hope to see you at Schlitterbahn this summer!