We could sit here for hours trying to argue what ride races in at number one for the best ride at Schlitterbahn. However, instead of sitting here for hours on end until we start seeing dots, we went straight to an expert. Justin Loehr, Director of Operations for the New Braunfels Park, gave us the insider scoop on what rides are a must when visiting and his personal favorites! Pull up a tube, relax, and get ready to discover a whole new world.


Hillside Tube Chute

1. Hillside Tube Chute – This is my favorite ride at the park.  This ride starts at the iconic Schlitterbahn Castle and winds down among beautiful landscaping before picking up the pace with several drops and turns. The Hillside ends with a big drop and then gently drops you into the Lagoon Pool where you can float and relax or get out and get on more rides.

 Family tubing down river


Master Blaster

2. Master Blaster – This is the most popular ride at the park and definitely one of my favorites.  This ride was built when I was a supervisor here at the park back in 1996 and I have enjoyed it ever since.  It definitely has the drops and speed that makes it a high thrill ride!  I always look forward to riding the Master Blaster at the beginning of each operating season.

 Family going down ride.


The Falls

3. The Falls – The Falls is one of the newer rides at the park but it pretty much has everything you would want in a ride.  On most days you don’t have to wait in a line and can find a tube and float and relax in some calmer sections of the ride.  Then the ride picks up with some drops and rapids and you can look up and see the beautiful Treehouses where resort guests can spend the night.  After a long set of rapids, the ride drops you off in the Deluge before you get to ride up on the Aquaveyor and  can keep riding as many times as you like. 


People floating


Dragon’s Revenge

4. Dragon’s Revenge – The Dragon’s Revenge is one of my all-time favorites since I was a lifeguard.  I loved working the ride as a lifeguard and later as a supervisor.  I love being pushed uphill and into the tunnels where you can see the hints of how the Dragon escaped.  The audio and visual effects throughout the ride and especially as you enter the last tunnel are really cool!  As you get closer to the end, you can see the Dragon moving its head and breathing fire.  Then you have a big drop at the end before winding down to the bottom of the ride.  The Dragon’s Revenge is definitely a ride that all guests should ride!

 Family going dowon ride



5. Whitewater – The Whitewater ride is one of my favorites because it is all action.  As soon as you get on the ride, the drops and rapids begin!  This ride has a big drop near the start of the ride and then you experience many smaller drops and rapids.  This is a shorter tube chute ride but is well worth it!  I usually ride this ride multiple times when I visit the park with my family.

Children tubing


Now that you’ve heard it straight from an expert don’t miss these rides the next time you stop by Schlitterbahn! If you want more information about our other amazing rides check out this page for a list of blogs about different rides!