Summer is on its way and it’s time to enjoy the World’s Best Waterpark! Schlitterbahn New Braunfels is offering guests an advance on full summer fun with something we like to call “Schlitterbahn Bonus Days!”

Map of Blastenhoff

Blastenhoff is our most popular section of the park and is open during Bonus Days

What are Schlitterbahn Bonus Days?

Schlitterbahn’s Bonus Days give our biggest fans the ability to enjoy Blastenhoff at a discounted price. Save money and have a blast. That’s how we do Spring Break at Schlitterbahn.

Blastenhoff is home to our most popular rides including the world’s most award-winning waterpark ride, the Master Blaster, and the world’s first wave river, the Torrent!

This does mean that other sections of our park are not open yet (full park open for 2019 is April 27th), but Blastenhoff alone is as large as many other waterparks and has two kid areas, a great wave river, a heated swim-up bar, and three tower rides.


Pros to visiting during Schlitterbahn Bonus Days:

  • Shorter lines on the Master Blaster tower
  • Take advantage of Blastenhoff Beach and jump-start your summer tan
  • Make your way through the entire food menu without judgment (carbs don’t count when you’re tubing, right?)
  • Take advantage of our heated pools and swim-up bars
  • Save $$ – or better yet, break in your season pass!
Hot Cheeto & Barnyard Burger

Who wants some hot Cheetos with their burger? Yum!


  • The original spring-fed section of the park is not open yet (it opens April 27th)

What are you waiting for?! Come take advantage of the most popular sections of the park before the crowds come and take over!

For more information on Schlitterbahn Bonus Days, park operating hours, and resort specials please click here.

See you at the Bahn!