Mother-Daughter bodyboard duo, Cathy and Morgan Seabert, have been long time Schlitterbahn aficionados – visiting twice a year since Morgan was 18 months old. At 12 years old Morgan and her older brother Kyle expressed an interest in riding the Boogie Bahn more often. Cathy used it as a fun way to spend quality time with her kids when they visited Schlitterbahn.

After a chance meeting with a Veteran flow rider, the duo found out that they could turn their hobby into a competitive past-time. Flowriding competitions have allowed the Seaberts to travel across the country, meeting and interacting with other body boarders from all over the United States. The mother/daughter duo say that their progression as riders has come from the willingness they have to accept criticism and correction from each other.

Cathy and Morgan began instructing at the Boogie Bahn in 2013 and love teaching their students fun and safe ways to Bodyboard. They want to encourage female surfers to come out and try their hands at something new, and find a new passion in their life, “whether it be for fun, stress relief, exercise, completion, or just a way to spend more time with family.”

Morgan Seabert is the 2016 World Flow Tour Pro Female BodyBoard Champion. She’s been a U.S. Flow Tour Champion four times, a Schlitterbahn Final Champion twice, and was named the US Rookie of the Year in 2011. Her home wave is Schlitterbahn New Braunfels.

Cathy Seabert finished top five in the 2016 World Flow Tour Pro Female BodyBoard division. She has been the US Flow Tour Champion three times, competing in both the Masters BodyBoard and Female BodyBoard divisions. Seabert competed in the Schlitterbahn Final Tournament twice, where she finished top 3 each time. Like her daughter, Cathy’s home waves are at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels.