We all hit a point in our youth when we think to ourselves, “hey, music is cool. I’m going to go find and listen to more cool music.”Piggy backing off of Jon’s and my #bahnmoment blog, where we talked about songs for moments… I present to you songs for nostalgia! You know what I’m talking about… That one song comes on the radio/playlist/bar etc.. and it can elicit myriad of reactions. Joy, tears, anger or the uncontrollable need to start dancing. ¬†Or maybe it just serves as a Proustian trigger that takes you back to a special moment.

Whatever it may be one thing is undeniable- music unites people. We’ve all been there, a song you love comes on and you start singing along and to your excitement and delight you notice another friend doing the same thing. It’s a connection between people. Even better, when the song is a blast from the past and you have the same nostalgic feeling about it as another friend.


Whenever I hear “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears I am instantly transported back to the wave pool at Schlitterbahn. Since we all love making playlists here at Schlitterbahn, I give you the Waterpark Princess Playlist. This is a compilation of songs that I grew up listening to at the waterpark. They represent my memories of growing up Schlitterbahn- music style.


Music Memories