Have you seen this beauty in the original Schlitterbahn New Braunfels waterpark? The rainbow Schlitterbahn mural is definitely one of the most Instagram-able spots in the park. This was the first mural the Schlitterbahn design team created, making a splash of color in a bold way. Let’s dive into some colors of the mural, fun facts about one of our designers and a showcase of some Bahn fans that are loving all the murals.

Purples, and pinks, and blues, oh my!

Originally the design team did not plan to use all the colors of the rainbow. They started off with shades of purple and the stripes design. Check out the graphics sketch below:

Eventually, the designers decided that we need ALL the colors in the mural. Not just the purples, pinks and blues. They kept the white Schlitterbahn logo in the square to bring in that waterpark flare. The finished mural packs a punch with all the rainbow colors and bold stripes.

You have to snap a picture here on your next visit to the Bahn! Take a look at some of our favorite fan photos in front of the colorful masterpiece:

Designer at the end of the Rainbow

The next artist we’re talking about from the amazing Schlitterbahn design team is Kiana Flores. Her love for colors started at a young age – her favorite toys to play with were crayons, markers and colored pencils. She grew up in an artistic family and always enjoyed drawing.

One day, she discovered that she wanted to be a graphic designer. Growing up, she wanted to pursue a career in animation so she could showcase both her artistic talents and technological skills. While touring one of her dream colleges, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, her tour guide told her she would make a great graphic designer. From that moment on, Flores knew she found the career she was destined to follow.

She ended up making the decision to study graphic design at Texas Tech University, which is known for their strong graphic design program. After receiving her degree, she started job searching with the help of her family. Her aunt found a job posting in a San Marcos newspaper for a graphic designer position at Schlitterbahn. Now she is one of the design team wizards at the Bahn. The rest is history!

“Working here at Schlitterbahn has been wonderful,” said Flores. “I have gotten to meet so many incredible people who work extremely hard and are great at what they do.  They have become a second family to me.”

With many talents up her sleeve, Flores has dabbled in many different artistic projects here at the Bahn. She is a talented photographer and is the go-to designer for snapping a great picture, like the photo of Schlitterbahn’s Stuffed Turkey Leg featured in People Magazine.

She is also highly skilled in calligraphy and recently worked on an art piece featured in one of our resort rooms. She created a wooded, farmhouse-style art piece that says “Home Sweet Home” with her beautiful calligraphy writing. 

Mural Fans all over Instagram

We see all off your Instagram posts and love all the fabulous photos in front of the Schlitterbahn murals. Have you added one to your Instagram account? You might be in our mural fans video! Watch the montage below:

If you haven’t snapped your mural pictures yet, make sure you sneak in a trip to Schlitterbahn New Braunfels this summer! Stay tuned for the next #MuralMonday blog and maybe your picture will be shared in our blog post. Can’t wait to see you at Schlitterbahn! #BahnLove