Today, we’re going to tell you about all the new and improved gators around Schlitterbahn New Braunfels. The bahn-tastic design team added a new, interactive mural featuring a massive green alligator over by Hillside in the Original Park. Also, our in-house artisans redesigned the famous floating alligators that drift around the Kristal River in Surfenburg. Curious about the new gators? Keep reading to hear more about the legendary Schlitterbahn creatures.

Fishing for Gators

If you have been following the previous #MuralMonday blogs, you are well-versed in the design process by now. The design team starts with a sketch, starts painting a backdrop on the mural wall, fills in the various colors and finishes with a solid black outline. After all of this, a majestic mural appears before our eyes!

Gator mural finished photograph

Now you can’t forget that all of the new murals present the opportunity for a fabulous Instagram photo. This time, you can hold the fishing rod and pretend you’re reeling in a massive green gator (don’t try this at home, folks).

Girl fishing for gator in mural

Repainting the Reptiles

The in-house artisans decided that the gators of Krystal River needed a facelift. After years of swimming under the blistering sunlight, these retiles have finally earned a new set of scales! Our overnight artisans dedicated many hours to make our gators look alive again. Take a look at what the gators looked like before the paintjob:

Gator before paintjob

Clearly, our gators were in bad shape! The in-house artisans approached the gator makeovers with poise and grace. First, they cover each gator with a solid base to cover up any imperfections:

Gator with base paint

After laying down the base, the artisans are ready to make the gators beautiful again. Each of the gators were painted with vibrant colors and patterns to make a sea of rainbow alligators floating around the Krystal River:

Wood style gator

Green gator

Designer Spotlight

Let’s take a moment to recognize another talented member of the Schlitterbahn design team! Nydia Perez is one of the top graphics wizards from the Schlitterbahn designer squad. She has been a graphic designer now for over seventeen years.

Before Schlitterbahn, Perez graduated from the Art Institute of Houston. She gained experience working as a design manager and supervisor at a financial corporation. Now, she is a key player in creating graphics and artistic designs all around our Schlitterbahn parks and resorts. She loves working with Schlitterbahn and says everyone is kind and lots of fun.

“As a designer, personal inspiration is all around me,” said Perez. “From things like magazines, billboards to logos and nature, design inspiration can come from pretty much anything for me.”

When she isn’t effortlessly designing away in the graphics department, Perez enjoys spending her free time with her family. Every once in a while, she picks up a book and reads during her downtime.

There’s more in store!

Stay tuned for the next #MuralMonday blog post where we will guide you to another mural in the Schlitterbahn New Braunfels park! Make sure to grab your tickets for the summer. Not only will you have a blast playing in the waterpark, but you will see amazing art pieces all around. #BahnLove