The next stop on the mural tour is the magnificent rainbow butterfly featured over The Lagoon at the original Schlitterbahn New Branfels park. This is the centerpiece of a trip-tic mural piece located near the Hillside and Soda Straw slides.

Before the design team began the mural making process, we asked our Schlitterbahn fans for some inspiration for the butterfly masterpiece. Our favorite design came from Sydney Hlebik! Check out her awesome design below:

Butterfly design submission sketch from Sydney

In this #MuralMonday blog post, we’re giving you a sneak peak of how the butterfly was created and a behind-the-scenes feature on an artist behind the mural.

Metamorphosis of a Mural

Our Schlitterbahn design team started with a sketch to visualize the butterfly design. A outline of the butterfly during the sketching process sparked the idea of an intricate and detailed butterfly design. Notice that the top of the butterfly wing resembles the waves at Schlitterbahn!

Designer sketch of butterfly mural

After the design is conceptualized, the artists scaled their drawings to fit the mural wall. They started with an outline and white base to set the scene.

Butterfly mural base

The design team then filled in the space with a rainbow of colors, black outlines and background color to pull the design together.

Colored in butterfly mural

Finally, it required a coat of protective varnish. According to BonBon Shalal, it is important to use a varnish that is clear and doesn’t cause yellowing ( Then comes the final touches, and voila! The rainbow butterfly mural is now the prefect Schlitterbahn photo spot! Spread your wings and float away. (No, really, you can go grab a tube and float away.)

Girl posing in front of mural

The Creative Butterfly

At Schlitterbahn, we have a brilliant design team behind all the incredible art projects around the park. For this post we want to introduce you to Maddy Kouns, one of our talented graphic designers! She’s been drawing ever since she was a kid, and today she’s a mastermind behind the beautiful murals popping up around Schlitterbahn New Braunfels.

Kouns considers herself a self-taught artist and enjoys exploring many different art mediums. Her inspiration to begin drawing came from following the Pok√©mon franchise and developed her talents at a young age. She didn’t start taking any art classes until high school, where she started perfecting her artistic style. Kouns has two kinds of styles she has mastered: hyper-realistic portrait drawing and high contrast line design. Take a look at some of her amazing art pieces from her Instagram @MaddyKouns:

Maddy Kouns line drawingMaddy Kouns realism art

Recently, Kouns has been experimenting with more vibrant colors, given her experience designing the Schlitterbahn murals like the radiant rainbow butterfly. She especially likes filling in her black line work designs with all kinds of colors of the rainbow. Currently, her biggest inspiration is Ten Hundred on YouTube. He is known for creating gigantic murals and smaller commission paintings all across the country.

When reflecting on working with the design team at Schlitterbahn, Kouns says that they are a close-knit group. “There’s never a dull moment,” said Kouns. “We all have our unique strengths and trust each other to get things done right.” She also enjoys the flexible environment when working on a number of different graphic design projects ranging from new park signage to the incredible new mural art. There’s always a way for her to flex her creativity and imagination.

Want to learn more about Maddy Kouns? Take a look at her portfolio at! Stay tuned for next week’s #MuralMonday blog post to learn more about our design team and their mural pieces popping up around Schlitterbahn New Braunfels.

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