Our design team in New Braunfels is creating a series of waterpark murals to elevate the experience of visiting Schlitterbahn. We are celebrating a new mural every #MuralMonday to get a behind the scenes view of the process our artists used to paint our waterparks! This week, we’re taking a look at the vibrant Boogie Bahn mural located near the entrance at Surfenburg.

The Process

To begin working on a masterpiece like the Boogie Bahn mural, the design team starts with making a simple sketch. An artist always begins their creations with a sketch, which acts like a roadmap for the entire project.

Boogie Bahn mural sketch

Then, the design team will continue to build from the sketch and translate their work into vector art. This is where they begin mocking up the designs on the computer to get the basic shapes and dimensions created for the mural. Once an outline of the mural is created, the artists begin designing the full mural piece. Now, they can visualize how it would look in the park (thanks to mad Photoshop skills):

Boogie bahn mural in photoshop

Painting the Bahn

After the design team completes the plan for the art piece, it is time to paint the mural! This takes many hours to finish painting including dry times between layers up. Sometimes when working under the summer sun, paint can dry within fifteen minutes and other times it can take up to twelve hours. Everything depends on the scale of the paintings and the kind of paint used.

When starting the mural painting process, the design team begins with a simple base. For the Boogie Bahn mural, the artists used an ocean blue color with an under-paint guide to set the tone:

Boogie bahn mural under-paint guide

With an outline in place and a plan in mind, the artists are ready to fill in the rest of the mural. This is where the design team filled in all the vibrant colors throughout the mural: Colored in Boogie Bahn mural

When all the colors were in place, another outline is needed to define the design. A simple black outline makes a major difference with such a large mural:

Boogie Bahn mural with black outlines

Snap a Selfie

The goal of these new murals popping up around the Schlitterbahn New Braunfels parks is that they include an interactive features! The artists added a surf board in the mural for guests to snap a photo as if they are riding the Boogie Bahn:

Girl riding mural surf board

All of the new murals around Schlitterbahn New Braunfels will include the perfect spot to pose for your Instagram. Make sure you tag @SchlitterbahnWaterparks and add #BahnLove so we can see your mural photos!

Stay tuned for the next #MuralMonday blogpost where we tell you more about the murals around the park and the masterminds behind the art.