One of our favorite hang outs was the West Wing pool. Very close to the Henry House, which meant easy access to sodas and candy when we needed to “re-fuel.” I don’t know if we were inspired by the mermaid show at Aquarena Springs, but we were always looking for ways to create an underwater world. Remember the Mermaid show at Aquarena Springs? It totally blew my mind that they could “hold” their breath that long. Very inspiring for a young kid.


BrochureBlue Inner

The West Wing pool is just your basic run-of-the-mill pool, perfect for taking the loungers and sinking them to the bottom of the pool. Once in the pool, we would maneuver them around to create underwater buildings and tunnels. We were quite the little innovators back then. ; ) Although, I can say with absolute certainty that the lifeguards didn’t share our enthusiasm in our new found fun. Someone had to eventually get all the loungers out of the pool and back on deck.

We would swim through our stacked loungers and pretend that we were mermaids swimming through sunken ships! Sadly, we don’t have any photos of our underwater castles, but it doesn’t take much to imagine. It never occurred to us back then how dangerous this was! My sister and I now shake our heads and sigh over our naive carelessness as kids.

Side note: Roller skating through the tube chutes when the park was closed was also probably not the safest thing, but some how we made it through without any serious injuries! Oh, kids. (I couldn’t find any shots of us skating through the tube chutes, so here’s a before and after shot of White Water. As a child, I was terrified of this ride.)

Whitewater Construction                   Whitewater TC Aug 1982


Slightly less dangerous- we had these awesomely progressive loungers that were in the shape of a fish and made of fiberglass. Like I had mentioned, the West Wing pool didn’t have any slides. Not expectable in our minds. In the shallow end of the pool we would half submerge the fish at an angle (the irony of it) into the pool thus creating a mini slide. It was kind of a bummer when you were mid slide and the lounger would slip to the side and you went with it. No injuries here, just awkward and somewhat “America’s Funniest Home Videos” worthy. See below for what the loungers looked like.




Needless to say, our creativeness was not appreciated by the waterpark staff. We unintentionally  caused more messes than we meant to back then. So let me be the first of my generation to say- We’re sorry! : (


Baby Waterpark Princess sporting some attitude.