The Master Blaster. Words that strike excitement (or fear) in the hearts of people all across the state of Texas and even across much of the southern United States. If you’ve ever been to Schlitterbahn you’ve heard stories of the Master Blaster, you’ve seen the Master Blaster, and maybe you’ve even ridden the Master Blaster. It’s probably the highest thrill ride you’ll encounter at the waterpark. (The official attraction page tags it as “scary” with “big drops” and “high speed.”) It’s also a Red Diamond on our map which indicates the highest level of thrill so that people are forewarned that it’s not for the faint of heart!

Master Blaster

Some facts about the Master Blaster:

  1. Located on the Blast Tower, it’s arguably our most popular ride, and definitely our most awarded one. On our busiest summer days, the line for the ride can wrap all the way down the tower, which can mean well over an hour wait until you get to the top. Part of the reason for the long wait is due to the rafts that the Master Blaster uses. Rather than using tubes like most of our other rides, this slide requires rafts that look more like little boats. They’re heavier than an average tube and limited in number, so to get them to the top of the Blast Tower we use a giant conveyer belt.
  2. The Master Blaster is six stories tall and over 1000 feet in length. The very first drop of the slide plunges you three stories down and then back up again immediately after. Remember – not for the faint of heart!Family going down ride
  3. As mentioned earlier, the Master Blaster is our most award winning ride across all of the Schlitterbahn parks. It received the Golden Ticket Award for Best Waterpark Ride over 10 times and that award has only been around for about 16 years. Other rides in New Braunfels to win Golden Ticket Awards have been Dragon’s Revenge, The Falls, and the Congo River Expedition.
  4. The name Master Blaster actually came from the technology that powers the ride and Schlitterbahn helped develop this tech that has become standard across the world. Master Blaster technology enables water to push tubes/rafts uphill against gravity and the first ever uphill water coaster was right here in Schlitterbahn NB! The Dragon’s Revenge (then called Dragon Blaster – get it???) was opened in 1994 and then two years later we added the actual Master Blaster ride!

If you would like to see more about the great attractions we have at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels check out this blog page that has a list of some of our other attractions! And if you’re still on the fence about riding, here’s a POV video of the ride!