There’s nothing like seeing a ride come together. In the case of MASSIV, the scale can take your breath away. We recently spent a few hours with the construction crew and watched them bolt the incredible columns together.

Construction of Massiv

Walking around the site, you realize just how challenging it is to squeeze something so MASSIVE into such a tight spot, and how creative the ride designers had to be to make it happen.


Here’s a quick interview with Andy, from White Water (they have the license to build our patented Master Blaster Uphill Coasters around the world) talking about the project.

After walking around on the ground, it was time to go up!



With a little sweet talking, we managed to score a ride with the professionals (wearing all appropriate safety gear, of course).



Currently, a huge crane and super tall man-lift are the only way to the top.



But soon these stair sections will be added. And then we’ll be stair stepping our way up MASSIV, the tallest water coaster in the world.