So we’ve asked the experts at each of our five Schlitterbahn Waterparks to give us a list of their top five rides/attractions for each of the waterparks. By experts we are referring to our fantastic Operations teams, who make sure our parks are running smoothly and all of our guests are being safe and having fun!

For Kansas City specifically, we got the opinion of one our ops managers Marshall! Marshall has been working at Schlitterbahn for five seasons now, so he has a couple years of experience in him and has made his list wisely.

Here they are, in no particular order:


  • The Torrent River! It’s a wave pool and a lazy river combined into one attraction! Marshall says, “it’s relaxing and thrilling all at the same time! It’s a fan favorite among the guests AND the staff.” The Torrent River had its debut in 2009.People floating the river
  • Storm Blaster! “It’s the only uphill water coaster in the Midwest! It’s a very unique innovative way to enhance guest’s perceptions of a tube slide.” The Storm Blaster also debuted in 2009 and was one of the main attractions when the park first opened that year!People entering river
  • The Boogie Bahn! “It’s the only surf ride in the Midwest! It’s a lot of fun because it’s literally a thing sheet of water spraying in your face the entire time you’re surfing. Once you master staying [on the boogie board], then you can master doing tricks!” Side note – we have professional boogie boarders that come to our parks and compete in boogie board competitions!Man surfing
  • Whirlwind! Marshall says that this ride is “uniquely named after Kansas weather.” It’s also the “fastest waterslide in the park and is pitch black through the entire duration of the slide!” Creepy! This slide opened in 2012 as part of KC’s most recent expansion.Kids riding water slide
  • Cyclone/Twister! This is technically two rides but I’ll let it slide since they’re always paired together. They are “the only head-first mat slides in KC.” Marshall also says the Cyclone/Twister “provides a thrilling experience for every rider, every single time!” These slides also opened in 2012 as part of the most recent KC expansion.Kids riding water slides