Schlitterbahn Galveston opened the brand new multi-million-dollar ride, Infinity Racers! This out-of-this-world attraction is eight stories tall and as long as three space stations. You jump on a mat and race head-first down the space-themed water slide. The multi-colored fiberglass with rainbow lighting effects makes this ride unique and unlike any other water slide in the universe.

Bahn-E79 finished the Mission

Our star of the Infinity Racers team, Bahn-E79, has been working diligently to bring us this astronomical new waterpark attraction. With numerous innovations in design, height and length, Infinity Racers is launching to become one of the greatest waterpark slides in the galaxy.

Bahn-E79 has informed us regularly on construction updates for the Infinity Racers ride. Our robot companion reported on construction of the underground infrastructure, steel beams, and fiberglass parts. Check out all the Bahn-E79 Infinity Racer reports at @Bahn_E79 on Instagram.

Bahn-E79 laying down the steel beams

Bahn-E79 Report 6.2: I examined the steel and it seems to be sturdy. ?? Updates will come this week. #ProjectInfinityRacers

When our talented bot has the day off, Bahn-E79 enjoys exploring around Galveston Island and the Houston area. Bahn-E79 visited places like the Galveston Naval Museum, the Houston Chronicle headquarters, and Minute Maid Park!

Bahn-E79 laying in a field of bluebonnets

Am I a “Texan” yet? ? #BahnE79DayOff #Yall Bahn E-79 is proud to be a Texan and loved working on Project Infinity Racers.

Bahn E-79 is proud to be a Texan and loved working on Project Infinity Racers. Our little robot is so proud to have completed the Infinity Racers mission.

Bahn-E79 looking at the finished ride

My mission is nearly complete. #projectinfinityracers opens to all my friends on Saturday and our first launches on Friday. I hope to see everyone there. #thankyou #proud #bittersweet ??

Making NASA Proud

Schlitterbahn Galveston dedicated the Infinity Racers ride to our heroic men and women at NASA. At the VIP launch party for Infinity Racers, Schlitterbahn Galveston hosted special guest Colonel Terry Virts, U.S. Air Force test/fighter pilot and NASA veteran.

Terry Virts taking pictures in space

Colonel Terry Virts taking photos from space! He published a book called “View From Above” with his intergalactic photography.

He embarked on two space missions, one two-week mission onboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor and one 200-day flight to the Space Station. During his seven months in space, he was responsible for piloting the Space Shuttle, commanding the International Space Station (ISS), and exploring the universe on three space walks! He is also famous for taking some amazing photographs while onboard the ISS. It was SO exciting to have a real astronaut with us to launch and be one of the first riders on Infinity Racers.

Blasting off to the Bahn

Grab your Schlitterbahn tickets, because Infinity Racers is open to the public. We just finished up our VIP launch party to get ready for the most astronomical slide on earth. We celebrated with introductions from Schlitterbahn Galveston Marketing Director Aaron Martinez, NASA superstar Terry Virts, and Schlitterbahn Galveston General Manager Ron Sutula.

For the ribbon cutting ceremony, Schlitterbahn Communications Director Winter Prosapio and Schlitterbahn COO Terri Adams joined the Galveston Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Gina Spagnola in welcoming Infinity Racers to Schlitterbahn Galveston.

Ribbon cutting ceremony for Infinity Racers

From left to right: Winter Prosapio, Aaron Martinez, Col Terry Verts, Terri Adams, Ron Sutula, and Gina Spagnola

Get ready to slide! Infinity Racers is NOW OPEN to all earthlings. Take your pick: Orbiter or Galaxy. Each slide has its own unique lighting effects and slippery slopes guaranteed to take you on the fastest space launch of your life.

Can’t wait to ride the slides? Take a look at these point of view (POV) videos from TUBERIDERS on YouTube:

Now it’s your turn to slide into outer space. Come visit Schlitterbahn Galveston to ride Infinity Racers! #InfinityStartsHere