With all the great construction work underway on Infinity Racers (#InfinityStartsHere), we decided we needed a little more help. Working with our IT team, we now have a specially designed Rover, Bahn-E79.

Rover in wildflowers

Bahn-E79 takes part in the Texas bluebonnet tradition

See Bahn-E79’s origin story here:


He had his big introduction to fans here:

For some rovers, that much attention could go right to their head. But Bahn-E79 has fit right in here at Schlitterbahn, humble and kind and all about his mission.

Frankly, many of us were sad to see him head out to Galveston for his mission.

Rover on the road

Day 1 of #JourneytoProjectInfinityRacers: Top speed is 2mph. ?? 221 miles remain to Bahn Control at Schlitterbahn Galveston. ? It will be a long journey, but I am ready. #InfinityOrBust

The good news is that he arrived safely.


Bahn-E79 is now reporting daily on the progress of construction and we’ll include his mission reports here on the blog regularly. Here are reports 1.1 – 3.2

rover and foundation

Bahn-E79 Report 1.1: #ProjectInfinityRacers. Ground has been broken to place the infrastructure of the ride. ? Some would say this is “ground breaking.” #InfinityOrBust


Rover and bolts

Bahn-E79 Report 2.1 & 2.2: Work continues on #ProjectInfinityRacers. ?? Lots of nuts and bolts to sort out. ⚙ I am confident in our progress.



rover on lift

Bahn-E79 Report 3.2: I think I got the hang of it. My colleagues helped me understand how to navigate the lift. ? #ProjectInfinityRacers


And of course, since we work in tourism, we will be sure Bahn-E79 gets his days off:

rover fishing

Bahn-E79 gets a day off – he is strictly doing catch and release.

For as it happens Construction reports be sure to follow Bahn-E79’s reports on Instagram.