Sometimes you just can’t plan your summer vacation during the week when most waterparks and theme parks are less busy. Here at Schlitterbahn, in July and August the weekend is the most popular time to visit. Now I know this can be frustrating, but fear not!  You just have to follow the “6 P’s.” Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance…well, maybe the performance part doesn’t quite fit, but still “prior planning” will definitely make your trip much smoother.

Here are some Pro-Tip’s when visiting Schlitterbahn New Braunfels during peak season:

1. Stay at our Resort!


NB Resort


Staying with us has it’s perks, like early access to our most popular ride: The Master Blaster! Resort guests are allowed to enter the Blastenhoff section at 9 a.m. for exclusive ride time on the Blast Tower until the park opens to the public at 10 a.m. You also get extended ride time on the Boogie Bahn, access to the heated pools after hours, and for the kids, the resort has night time activities geared just towards them.




Master Blaster

The commute home is also much shorter…




2. Buy your tickets online!




Not only will you save a few bucks, but you can take advantage of our online packaged deals. *Note: the packages are listed first and the “single” tickets are listed last!

3. Plan to arrive at the park by 8:45 a.m….especially if you want to ride the Master Blaster first!



“Pro-Tip: You can pay $17 to enter the waterpark at 9:00 a.m–It’s called our Early Ride Time Package and it must be purchased in advance on the website. *There are a limited number of slots available each day.”

4. You should still plan on arriving early, even if you’re wanting to start out at Schlitterbahn West. AKA The original section/the older park.



This way you can get your valuables stored away in a locker and claim the picnic table of your choice without wasting any valuable ride time.

“Pro-Tip: Check out this blog on parking before you arrive.”

5. Cabanas, Cabanas, Cabanas!





If you want to have a VIP experience at Schlitterbahn, renting a cabana for the day is a MUST! They have covered seating, lockers and catering services. Click here for pricing, availability and a list of all that is included.

6. Have a game plan of what rides you want to ride, and know which section they are in!



Schlitterbahn is comprised of two sections: Schlitterbahn West (the one with the castle) and Schlitterbahn East–which has three distinct sections: Blastenhoff, Surfenburg and Tubenbach.


7. We have trams available to take you from Schlitterbahn West to Schlitterbahn East.


So, if you park your car at one side, it doesn’t mean you need to pack everything up and move your whole family.

Note: The tram at Schlitterbahn West is located to the right of the main entrance (near the castle). At Schlitterbahn East, the tram is located just off the walk between the Blastenhoff and Surfenburg entrances.

“Pro-Tip: On busy days the tram lines can be long, so make sure to give yourself enough time to get from section to section.”

8. Most important tip of all! Apply sunscreen, kick back, relax and have a great time!



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