Schlitterbahn is constantly scouring for the latest and greatest to bring into the park for our guests. This time it’s coming in the form of Flaming Hot Cheetos and Delicious Nacho Cheese. From concession stands in Texas High schools, to Hot Cheetos and Mac and Cheese recipes taking over the internet this food phenomenon is one for the books!

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You might be weary to try this, you may even be a little scared, but from one food lover to another let me tell you Hot Cheetos and Cheese might just be the new chips and salsa. The first time I discovered this concept was at a high school football game concession stand. I saw people walking around with little bags of hot Cheetos and a fork. Me being the curious blogger that I am, I had to ask why the fork? Instead of trying to explain, I was flashed the inside of the bag and I saw Nacho Cheese covering the Cheetos. Thus began my love affair with Hot Cheetos and Cheese. Are you swayed yet? No? Let me give you a few more reasons why this new food craze should be a snack you grab at Schlitterbahn this year.


1.       They burn, but they don’t sunburn. Hot Cheetos, as the name suggests is a food that comes with a kick. However, the creamy cheese mixed with the fiery spice of the Cheetos create an explosion of flavor in your mouth. Pro Tip: Pair some Hot Cheetos and Cheese with a big bottle of water for hydration and to cool the burn.




2. They’re Portable. Schlitterbahn is a big park walking from one ride to another or even one park to another if you’re in New Braunfels takes a little while. Walking with a plate a food doesn’t sound too appealing, but walking with a bag of Hot Cheetos and Cheese makes that long walk worth it.  You don’t have to worry about accidently feeding the birds something that falls off your plate, or loosing time sitting down for a snack. Grab’n Go!


3.       Not only are they a snack in their own right, but also a topping. Yes you heard me right. Not only are we going to offer this delicious snack option, but Schlitterbahn New Braunfels is going to offer a Hot Cheetos and Cheese Burger, innovating a classic.


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4. Take a risk. Try something new. If you’re spending your day at Schlitterbahn that means you like adventure. Can you remember your first time on the Master Blaster? Or the first time you rode the Torrent waves?  Can you recall that feeling you had after the ride was over and you wanted to do it again, and again, and again? Right before you eat this snack, just like right before you go down a big slide you might ask yourself why? But after you’ve tasted this new snack you’ll never go back.


This isn’t over yet! To check out more new food coming to Schlitterbahn Waterparks this summer check out our releases in our Newsroom.