Do you love waterparks? Do you have more fun on a The Falls because you understand how it works? Have you figured out how to get the best Dippin Dots? The best deal on Nachos? Have you spent hours doing nothing, but riding the Boogie Bahn, over, and over, and over again??? Is a world without Schlitterbahn strange to you?

Then you have come to the right place! On this blog we will reveal the magic that is Schlitterbahn. Plan a perfect day. Find fun finding the perfect tube. Learn what to pack so you are prepared for anything. Even learn some recipes and find out about some dishes that didn’t make the cut. From the big thrill rides to fries on the side, you will get a front row seat to the how, what, where, and when at Schlitterbahn.

Fun Fact: Schlitterbahn New Braunfels opened its first waterslide in 1979. Before that it was a resort property called Landa Resort.