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It is always great when our guests have an unforgettable experience at Schlitterbahn. Earlier this month I was contacted by Kathleen who shared this amazing story about her trip to Schlitterbahn Beach Resort in 2013 and the twists and turns along the way.

“We were spending 2012-2013, fall, winter and spring on SPI celebrating our 40th Wedding Anniversary, we were staying in a condo next to the Schlitterbahn water park. We enjoyed watching to park growing in stages and opening, we bought season passes and enjoyed the facility but mostly the wonderful happy staff totally sold us on the facility.

On November 3rd 2012 we renewed our vows on the beach there and exchanged our new wedding rings that we had made containing gold from our original rings and gold from my mother’s and grandmother’s rings.  We came back to the beach bar there and the staff was so fun and helped us celebrate by being happy for us,  all the staff made us feel blessed to be happy and married all those years.

When the Torrent River opened we watched it and decided to give it a try on 03/12/12 we were going around and my husband Larry’s ring shot off his finger. We were devastated the staff was so kind we were so sad and upset with ourselves for wearing the rings in the water to begin with. We emailed … Mike Bigelow with  pictures and a reward for the price of the gold in the ring. We continued to use the facility and talk with the staff about our incident almost daily until we left to return to Washington state.

After one year and eight months  passed we just figured it was gone and were going to have another ring made, I received a call from Jack Soto Jr. (Director of Operations) on 11/11/14. Jack said that he was sure that they had found the ring while cleaning…and he had remembered us and checked out the old email we had sent to Mike and found us!

Needless to say, we are so happy and truly moved by the sincerity of Jack for remembering and taking the time to notify us and mail the ring to us, he would not accept any thing but a sincere thank-you for his time and efforts. We hope that the Schlitterbahn will recognize a valuable employee they have in this young man.

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Happy Couple

Thank you for your time and reading our story.


Kathleen and Larry”


We are so glad that everything worked out, Kathleen and Larry! Thank you for sharing your story with us.