Schlitterbahn has just as many fun things for the little kids to do as it does for the adults. In fact, a select few of our attractions have height requirements that actually benefit the kids. Han’s Hideout is one of the few! You have to be under 48” to climb through the Pirate’s base, where you can navigate through 5 stories worth of tunnels and nets in search of our favorite German Pirate.

Family getting splashed

Here’s the lowdown on the hideaway:

  1. Where’s it parked? Han shipwrecked right in the middle of Schlitterbahn’s Blastenhoff park! When you walk in the entrance, it’s located to the right of Blastenhoff Beach, just past the line to the SkyCoaster (to the left in the picture below). Trust me when I say you can’t miss it! You’ll know you’re close when a pesky kid hits you with the spray of a water cannon…Schlitterbahn Waterpark
  2. What‘s there to do? Um, what isn’t there to do? The Pirate’s lair has 5 levels with a huge variety of ways to interact with the structure. Whether you’re crawling through tunnels, up rope nets, or sliding down the kid’s body slides, there are plenty of ways to stay entertained. Han has water cannons stationed around his home, so you can try and nail your friends that stayed outside of the playscape. Han’s Hideout is even home to one of our giant dump buckets, which is available for everyone to enjoy regardless of age! Fun fact! Every time the ship dumps its water, about 500 gallons come pouring down! To put that in perspective, it’s about 4000 standard bottles of water.Girl on waterslide
  3. How long will I have to wait? Best news ever – there’s no line! As most kiddie attractions, it’s a come-and-go as you please type of deal. Your kids can play as long they want, and you can sit at the beach or the picnic tables nearby, supervising for as long as they play. The hull of the boat drops water every few minutes, so I guarantee you’ll be sticking around for a little while!