Guada Loopy & Loopy Luge, the tongue twister of waterpark ride names. I dare you to say it 5 times fast!

These uniquely named slides can be enjoyed by anyone who is game for a good time, just a few caveats…

1. If your young tike, ’42 inches or shorter, wants to ride they’ll need mom or dad to ride with them.

Mom son high five

Families that ride rides together, have more fun together.

2. Wanna ride solo? Or do you wanna ride with a friend? Dealers choice.


Can I get “what, what” 

3.  Wondering why your friend who always rides the pink one finishes first? 393.5 ft for Loopy Luge (pink) & 401 ft for Guada Loopy (yellow). 


Winner, winner, Chicken dinner!

3. Fun Fact: these two slides are open year-round. In the Fall the contractible roof closes back up and we move into our indoor season.

Guada Loopy tube Chute

Hey, Santa! I didn’t know you hung out here too?

4. So we say there are just two slides, but actually there are 4!

Guada Loopy Tube Chute

Each slide has a twin.”Twinses” 

5. Be forewarned: You gotta hike 70 steps to ride these guys!


Hey, it’s worth it when you get to the top. Plus, it will make eating that funnel cake seem like no big deal. 

So gather up your crew and come hang with us at Schlitterbahn Galveston Island.

‘Cause everyday is party here, so let’s get weird and dance!



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