Being part of the Schlitterbahn Family has definitely afforded me some childhood memories that most kids only get to dream about. I mean, how many people can say, “I grew up in a waterpark.” Not many. Schlitterbahn New Braunfels is like home to me. The main section is a crazy maze that can sometimes confuse even the most seasoned guest. I guess that’s the price you pay when choose to build within the landscaping. I however, know this park like the back of my hand. Every short cut, nook and cranny. A lot of the fun facts and throwback Thursday posts we have on our Facebook page come from my childhood memories.


For example:

I remember when the TV show “Wild and Crazy Kids” came to the park and being distraught that I couldn’t be a contestant because I wasn’t quite old enough.


Did you know we used to have a Miss.Schlitterbahn contest?


That Selena performed at the park before she got her big break?


Have you been coming here long enough to remember the clown shows and paddle boats?

Clown Show                            Paddle Boats River

Or have you worked here long enough to remember that rooms down by the gator bowl used to be a restaurant/employee café?

Landa Resort 1

The slides that came off of the restaurant?

Landa Resort 7

How about the ball pit in the arcade?


I could go on forever!


But yep, that’s me who post our Throwback Thursday photos. The day we created the World’s Largest Coke Float by the soda straws was hands-down the best day of my life. I couldn’t believe my good fortune to be surrounded by so much soda and ice cream! Thanks, mom and dad!

Coke Float


Side note: World’s Largest Coke Float and World’s Tallest Water slide. Seeing a trend here?


My grandparent’s house is now known to resort guests as the Henry House. For those of you who haven’t stayed with us before or are new to the park, the Henry House is right across the street from the Resort Office. This was home base for me during the summer as a kid. My parents were busy operating the park in the infant stages of Schlitterbahn so my grandparents took on the task of “supervising” us kids.


A little note about my grandparents: they spoiled us! Their house was chock full of all the most delicious junk food a kid’s heart could desire. Needless to say, their house was heaven to me! I put supervising in quotes because we got into a lot of playful mischief as kids. We were young and had a waterpark at our disposal. Can you blame us?


One memory in particular I like to share with my co-workers is the day we decided to turn the resort hot tub into a bubble bath. I can’t remember exactly what time of the year it was, but the park was closed. I also can’t quite remember whose awesome idea this was, but I was all in!


We rummaged around the utility closet at the resort and found dishwashing soap. With our bubble maker in hand we headed to the hot tub and promptly poured about half of it into the tub.  Minutes passed and we realized that the bubbles weren’t stopping!!!! I mean, we’re talking massive bubble overload. Realizing that we were now probably facing punishment from my grandma, we freaked and ran away from the scene of the crime – leaving behind a trail of towels. (Also “borrowed” from the resort).  Being scared and not knowing where to hide, we did what any other kid would have naturally done.  We hightailed through the waterpark and hid in the soda straws for what felt like hours to me. Yes, the waterpark was a safe haven if we didn’t want to be found. Eventually, we got hungry and headed back to face our punishment.


My grandmother and parents were not happy, to say the least. I don’t remember the exact punishment, but this experience definitely left a mark on my brain. They were furious back then, but now it’s story we tell with laughter. My grandmother still tears up with laughter whenever someone brings it up. So there you go kids, remember: today’s punishment can become tomorrow’s laughter.


This is just one of many memories from me, the Waterpark Princess. Stay tuned for more!