Every year around this time, folks in the Texas travel biz get together to share ideas, eat amazing meals, and learn a thing or two. We even have a motto – “Life’s Better in a State of Travel.” You can see a cool video about it here.

Every year, depending on where the meeting is, tourism folks like to give a little something back. This year the meeting was in Galveston and the team gathered to do a beach clean up. Our Galveston staff came out to lend a hand, and were one third of the clean up crew.  According to the Ocean Conservancy, cleaner beaches can help the ocean:

The world’s beaches, the frontier of this essential resource, support ocean health. They provide habitat and nesting grounds for important ocean wildlife like sea turtles and sea birds, and they attract vacationers from around the world, helping to sustain complex coastal economies.

Here are 10 tips on simple things you can do to keep the beach or river clean on your next trip (BTW, we’ve got a place for you to stay, just in case you are in the mood for that fall get away… #shamelessplug).

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ten things you can do for trash free seas

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Of course this is not the first outing for Beach Clean Up. The team at Schlitterbahn Galveston does a good bit in the community (they have volunteered at the food bank, for example). They’ll be the first to tell you it’s not just a great way to help out, it’s great to be part of a a team giving back.

Beaches are vital, but so are all waterways in Texas. Lifeguards at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels have been spotted helping pick up along our local river as well.

Join a local clean up effort when you get a chance. Let’s keep the water flowing clear!

Ed Note: To book a stay at a beach or a river this fall, give us a call at  830-608-8500 for great rates – no beach or river cleaning required! If you head to Galveston, Summer is NOT over! We’ve still got the entire waterpark open! Come play!

Ed Note 2: Giving back is important – whether you believe in karma, stewardship, or staying busy. We at Schlitterbahn give back lots of ways, in fact we support over 700 not-for-profits through in-kind and volunteer efforts. You can learn about our process here.