Here at Schlitterbahn Galveston we are proud to be an active part of our Galveston County community.  On December 20, 2013 Schlitterbahn had 21 volunteers assist  the Galveston County Food Bank in sorting and categorizing donated food items.


left to right, kneeling: Alex Parra, Brandon Silva, Jose Almanza, James MacAlpine, Maggi Gentry, Travis Johnson. left to right, standing: Albanelie Guzman, Chad Clements, Elise Whidden, Lauren Williams, Kasandra Beltran, Jean Ramirez, Francisco Sanchez, Santos Farias, Mariana Villarreal, Doug Kauffman, Chuck Brandom, Aaron Martinez, Ashley Wild, Megan Hypolite, Rebeca Wilson

The Galveston County Food Bank’s one simple mission is to feed and to improve access to nutritional food for residents facing food insecurity throughout Galveston County.  Through the Galveston County Food Bank system, residents have access to allocated USDA food as well as donated and salvaged food, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products from manufacturers and retail distributors.


Sorting food for area families

The Food Bank warehouses bulk quantities of fresh, frozen, canned, and dry food products in readiness for distribution to partnering agencies throughout Galveston County, distributing about 6.3 million pounds of food each year.


Schlitterbahn Galveston Food & Beverage organized the December 20 event during which our staff members sorted an incredible 8,918 pounds of food!  According to Feeding America this will provide enough food for 7,432 meals!


At Schlitterbahn Galveston we take our commitment to the community seriously.  Our goal to lead by example exhibits the value of community service and rewards of volunteerism to our employees.  Thanks to the Galveston County Food Bank for their critical service to Galveston County and an especially huge thanks to our staff members that volunteered.  We couldn’t be more pleased with their energy, compassion, and commitment to a very good cause!