Kyrstal River

Ever dream of a place where you can just float all day and never get out of a tube?


Uhhh yes GIF

Then you must have dreaming about Schlitterbahn–The only place where you can fully experience a waterpark without even walking!

River floating

1. Galveston’s River System connects all the rivers, beaches and the torrent together–which allows you to never leave your tube! Schlitterbahn likes to call it “Transportainment.”

White Water Tube Chute

2. You can swim, you can tube, you can ride waves. Galveston’s river system is what Schlitterbahn is all about… Staying chill!

Homer Simpson GIF

3. I recommend riding the Dragon Blaster and then just tube the rest of the day. We’re all about that life!


Dragon Blaster


Krystal River

4. Around every corner you’ll find something different! A rapid river, a Serpent slide, a kiddie area…. Just keep tubin’ until you find what speaks to you!White Water Cove

5. Keep calm, tube on!

Friends tubing

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