The King Kaw Rapids River in Kansas City is the park’s  one of the world’s longest river rides.

This 3,000-foot attraction is named after the nearby Kansas (Kaw) River and includes multiple changes in elevation throughout its exciting downhill trip. Here at Schlitterbahn we don’t believe in “lazy” rivers – the more thrills, the better!

Things you need to know before you grab a tube:

World’s Longest: As we mentioned, King Kaw is one of the world’s longest river rides – coming in second to New Braunfel’s own “The Falls” at 3,600 feet. Make sure to grab a tube and get ready for a wild ride with your friends!

brother and sister on king kaw
We must be swift as the coursing river: Just like the Disney classic hit suggests, you’ve gotta be ready for the force of a great typhoon (semi-serious). King Kaw will have guests floating in tubes on seemingly-endless waterways through a series of waterfalls and pools before heading into a long series of whitewater rapids and currents. This ride will be sure to make a man tubing expert out of you.

disney Mulan giphy

Transportain-what?: Our  Transportainment system is in my humble opinion one of THE best parts of going to Schlitterbahn. (#humblebrag) This system allows guests to float throughout the entire waterpark without having to get out of the water once. You literally could get on the ride and never have to leave (unless it’s to get snacks!) It’s got the perks of tanning while taking advantage of our awesome waterpark rides!

thumbs up giphy

Tube with a friend: This ride can only be accessed via single or double tubes. Double tubes are great for making sure you don’t float away from your BFF during the long trek. I personally recommend each person grabbing their own tube and racing to see who floats around the park first!
Just remember that there will be spots where the water will try and trick you, slowing you down in the current – good news is one of our lifeguards will be there to send you forward and make sure you continue your ride seamlessly. Kind of like how Harry came to Dumbledore’s aid when they went looking for Voldemort’s Horcrux in the Cave and he had to drink that potion… 


My favorite memories of the King Kaw are riding it with my friends Jon and Kiana – it was the perfect way to wind down after a fun-packed day! The King Kaw took us through many slides, chutes, rivers and beaches. We were able to enjoy the park without having to stand in line or worry about how far anything was.

floating down King Kaw river

If you’re in Kansas City and are looking for a good ride to start off your day, make sure to stop by the King Kaw. You won’t regret it one bit!

For more information on Schlitterbahn Kansas City and King Kaw, please visit our website!

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