It’s food week here in the Schlitterbahn world, and we are so excited to showcase our favorite food items of the 2019 season! We just finished up our food tasting event at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels with a bahn-tastic group of our waterpark fans.

Our guests at the food showcase event in New Braunfels got a taste of some of the most extravagant food items around the waterpark. Getting hungry? Let’s dive into the delicious, Instagram-able treats from the event:

Ring of Fire Burger 

Ever wanted to try a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto-crusted onion ring? We’ve got you covered. This juicy burger is loaded with all the normal fixings and topped with a couple of fiery onion rings.

Ring of Fire burger

Stuffed Turkey Leg

This one is definitely a jaw-dropper. The 9-hour smoked turkey leg is loaded with pulled pork, onions and cheese with a nice drizzle of BBQ sauce. Can’t get any more Texan than that!

Stuffed turkey leg

Chicken and Waffles Funnel Cake

We made the savory funnel cake happen. Check out this funnel cake topped with three crispy chicken tenders, butter and maple syrup.

Chicken and waffles funnel cake

40th Anniversary Funnel Cake

Don’t forget that it’s Schlitterbahn’s 40th birthday this summer, and we created a massive funnel cake to celebrate! The double-decker cake is filled with Blue Bell Birthday Cake ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and tons of sprinkles.

40th birthday funnel cake

Torrent Twist Cocktail

This is the perfect cocktail for those hot summer days. We mixed pina colada and strawberry margarita to create this beautiful frozen drink.

Torrent Twist cocktail

According to our official tasters, our Food and Beverage department at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels has definitely delivered scrumptious creations for the 2019 season. Corporate Food and Beverage Director Chris Pieterson is driven to create food items for the Schlitterbahn parks that catch people’s eye and cause them to crave one of our delicious snacks.

“Here at Schlitterbahn, we have all of the staple items,” said Pieterson. “Cheeseburgers, corn dogs and sausage on a stick. What we do every year is introduce new items that are fun and exciting so we can generate a buzz and give people another reason to come back to Schlitterbahn.”

At the Schlitterbahn New Braunfels food showcase event, we invited a handful of enthusiastic Bahn fans that are crazy about our tasty treats. Want to try one of our awesome food items for yourself? Make sure to pick up discounted waterpark tickets online, and we’ll see you soon at the World’s Best Waterpark! #BahnLove