Next stop for Schlitterbahn Food Week is a trip to the Galveston waterpark! We just finished up another tasting event showcasing all of the unique eats that Schlitterbahn Galveston has to offer. We’re sure you’re hungry and ready to dream about eating all of the tasty treats Galveston has to offer. Let’s chow down on the items our tasters tried at the showcase:

Mac Attack Burger

Just when you thought a burger couldn’t get any better: add mac and cheese. This bad boy is loaded with crispy bacon and a massive pile of mac, sure to satisfy all levels of cheesy cravings.

Mac Attack Burger

Southwest Burger

Calling all avocado lovers! Topped with crispy onions, bacon and avocado makes a burger perfect for Schlitterbahn fans from the south.

Southwest Burger

All American Chicken Tenders

Have you ever tried bacon-crusted chicken tenders? How about with a little peanut butter? Well here you have it! Chicken tenders doused with peanut butter and crusted with a generous amount of bacon bits.

All American Chicken Tenders

Sweet Heat Chicken Tenders

This is for all the BBQ fans out there. These chicken tenders are covered in sweet Sriracha BBQ and perfect for those hot summers days at the waterpark.

Sweet Heat chicken tenders

Thai Me a River Chicken Tenders

We combined Asian flavors with American classics to bring you this tasty dish. Chicken tenders covered in Thai sweet chili sauce.

Thai me a river chicken tenders

Buffalo Blue Chicken Tenders

Buffalo fans, I know you’re out there. Glazed with buffalo sauce and bleu cheese dressing, these chicken tenders are every buffalo fan’s dreams.

Buffalo Blue chicken tenders

Mangonada Cocktail

A Tex-Mex classic that has everyone going crazy. This frozen mango cocktail with a lavish amount of chile Limon salt is a favorite at Schlitterbahn Galveston.

mangolada cocktail

Thai Rolled Ice Cream

You HAVE to try rolled ice cream. It’s simply the best. You get to choose from a number of different flavors, plus a variety of toppings.

Rolled ice cream

The Schlitterbahn Galveston Food and Beverage Director Tony Carlucci, along with Schlitterbahn Galveston Marketing Director Aaron Martinez, were very excited to present the 2019 favorite food items.

“We wanted to share everyone’s favorite items at the park,” said Carlucchi. “We came up with as many crazy combinations as we could think of to really excite our waterpark guests.”

Schlitterbahn Galveston welcomed a group of season pass holders and a few social media winners to taste the sensational Schlitterbahn foods at the food showcase. If you see any food items you want to try, you totally need to come take a trip to Schlitterbahn Galveston. #BahnLove