What is Schlitterbahn without great tasting food and delicious snacks readily available at your fingertips? Still an amazing Waterpark with state of the art technology, but you get where I’m going with this. Schlitterbahn has over 2 dozen different food combination options ranging from full meals, quick snacks, and tasty desserts. I am here, one BahnFam member to another to give you the break down on what you you’ll find to eat at the New Braunfels Bahn.

  1. B&B Barbecue stands. A fun fact about B&B barbecue, the two B’s in the title actually stand for our two founders. Mr. Bob and Mrs. Billye. At a B&B stand you can find huge turkey legs, sausage on a stick, tacos, and other barbecue items!
  2. Pizza Locations. Order by the slice or get a whole pie, our pizza locations have something for everyone. Not only do these places sell pizza, but the three pizza locations in the park are the only places to get a salad. So if one person is craving cheesy goodness and another wants some greens in their life, your group can knock out lunch in one hit.


  1. Icee’s and Dippin’ dots. Some sweeter options we have in the park is a variety of flavors of both ices and Dippin’ Dots. On hot summer Texas day a sweet treat is the perfect way to cool off. (well except for the water that’s about five feet away but you get the point) If you’re visiting the New Braunfels Shlitterbahn you can’t leave without trying this bloggers fan favorite Cotton Candy Dippin’ dots. They’re everything you could ever ask for in dot form!
  2. Grills. When you think amusement park food think Schlitterbahn Grills. Our grill locations are home to foods such as burgers, funnel cakes, ice cream, chicken meal options, corn dogs, and fries. Schlitterbahn New Braunfels even has some specialty options like the Barn Yard Burger which is a meat lover’s burger and the hot Cheetos and cheese burger, which is exactly what it sounds like a burger smothered in hot Cheetos and cheese!


  1. Snack Shacks. Snack shacks are exactly what they sound like, places you can get quick and tasty food. You’ll find things like roasted corn, pretzels, and churros in all their sugary goodness. When you’re on the go from ride to ride to ride hunger tends to strike. These are the best locations to go to when you’re needing something little to hold you over while you’re racing from slide to slide.
  2. Sweet Shoppe. This is the newest food location at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, unlike the other food options you can only find the Sweet Shoppe in one location in the park. The Surfenburg entrance at the East park, right past the gift shop, you will be able spot the Sweet Shoppe. (you’ll probably smell the sweet treats before you see them)



When hunger strikes now you’ll be well prepared for the fight! Read more tips and tricks to optimize your summer vacation here. Hope we see you soon!