Do you want to come play at Schlitterbahn, but don’t want to pay for food inside the park?
To accommodate guests who would prefer to eat their own food but don’t want to leave the park and eat alone in their cars, Schlitterbahn allows guests to bring in coolers full of food and drinks.

I know not all of us out there are top chefs, so here we have listed are some easy, semi-healthy, and fun summer recipes that should travel well in coolers – while being able to skip the basic sandwich options. (You can find some recipes from our Ice Chest Challenge)

A quick thing to remember when packing your coolers, Schlitterbahn does not allow the admittance of alcohol or glass containers. None of the following recipes call for either of those, so just remember those two rules of thumb and your picnic will be golden!

Picnic Basket

1.      Classic BLT-with a twist. If you want to ditch the basic a deli meat and cheese sandwich, this easy to make BLT from A Life from Scratch is a great option for you!

 BTL Sanwiches


2.      Easy Mediterranean salad. This recipe is perfect for those guests coming in a large group! Gimme some Oven makes a bulk meal seem simple. 

Mediterranean Salad


3.      Caprese Cups. A nice side dish or snack, Easy Healthy Living, made to keep handy in case you get hungry throughout the day!

Caprese Cups

4.      Chicken burrito. This Wholefoods recipe for the chicken burrito looks just as delicious as it looks portable.

Chicken Burrito


5.      Greek yogurt waldorf salad. This salad is the perfect combination of healthy and dessert. A Latte Foods created an amazing dessert that is great for both big groups and a party of one.

Greek Yogurt Waldorf Salad


6.      Ham and Cheese Sliders. Another twist on a classic. Annie’s Eats recipe creates a gourmet looking ham and cheese while still being a portable and easy to make sandwich.

Ham and Cheese Sliders


7.      Pizza Wraps. This recipe is a no cook recipe despite having pizza in the name.  The pizza wrap is a fun alternative to a sandwich. Womanista developed the perfect all age’s waterpark meal.

Pizza Wraps


Do you have a favorite recipe you like to bring to the waterpark? Let us know in the comments below!
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