Happy Holidays everyone!

With the winter weather settling here in Texas, it’s safe to say it definitely IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Just like you, I too am sad to have to trade my Schlitterbahn tube for tinsel but that means it’s time to rock all the winter gear I purchased during our 50% off sale last September!

(Here’s a picture of my #BahnHaul this year.)
Schlitterbahn Merchandice

Here are some ways I like to rock my Schlitterbahn gear during the holidays.
Sipping on some hot cocoa by the fire while talking to my best friend Jill about all the fun times I had riding MASSIV this summer. 
Women lounging
Refusing to give up on my Summer/Fourth of July vibes by rocking this trucker hat that screams, “AMERICA!”
Woman in hat

Cancelling out those grey/rainy skies by wearing a tie-dye long sleeve that brightens anyone’s day.
Woman posing

Wearing long, warm socks on those below 40-degree days to help  remind my toes of those days we were running around Schlitterbahn without a care in the world . 
Schlitterbahn socks
Wearing this jacket that subtly says Schlitterbahn so everyone knows what i’m really thinking about while I wait for my car to warm up. 

Schlitterbahn jacket
Now don’t get me wrong, I love the cold weather (to a certain extent) but nothing is better than riding The Falls in New Braunfels during a hot summer day. That’s all I’ll be thinking about as I wear my Bahn gear this December!

If you liked any of these styles and want to rock your own Bahn gear this winter, make sure to check out our retail gift shops at the parks that are currently open during the holiday season.

Schlitterbahn Galveston
The Resort at Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels

Go out there and shop till you drop! Winter is coming! (No, seriously. It’s about to get super cold y’all!)
Playing in leaves GIF