As a girl who grew up in west Texas (down in the west Texas, town of El Paso, to be exact) I never realized what a blast summer could be! Where I’m from, going outside to have fun meant you felt like this most of the time:

"Im melting" gif


Now as a Central Texas resident that has the world’s best waterpark right down the road (or highway), I now spend all my summers like this!
having fun in the water

Luckily, all the Schlitterbahn parks have our signature torrent river! These rivers are not lazy rivers – we have no lazy rivers in Schlitterbahn – but is a wave filled adventure in every single park.  Los Rios Azul is part of our indoor waterpark and is open practically year round (check schedules here).


couple in double tube


Things you need to know:

  1. Get ready for waves: Our Torrent Rivers have waves cycling through and while they aren’t huge, they are definitely a great momentum producer! The best way to experience is to jump on a tube and ride the wave!
  2. If you go tubeless, get ready dance on the waves:  Just don’t try to swim Los Rios Azul against the current – you won’t get very far!
  3. How do I get in?  Los Rios Azul has two beaches where you can access the river. Just find a point of entry and jump in!
  4. Is it safe for little ones? Yes. Our South Padre Island waterpark is prepped for the little adventurer in your group! Some of our double tubes (shown above) have bottoms for kiddos – this way they can just sit back and enjoy the ride!
  5. What’s the best way to enjoy this ride? I personally like to let the waves carry me throughout the river, but it’s also fun to try and jump right as a wave is about to go through your area. The wave will literally carry you along for a few seconds until the next one rolls through!

The best part about Los Rios Azul is that you can ride as long as you want! As my best friend Jlaw would say: