If you’re a fan of Schlitterbahn, you’re well aware of our Iconic New Braunfels Castle– Schlitterbahn opened with four water slides built around a 60-foot tall replica of the Bergfried Tower, the guard tower of the Solms Castle in Braunfels, Germany.

BUT, do you know about the dragon that protects all of Surfenburg?!

Here is everything you need to know about the Dragon…and the ride that has become a must-do and a Schlitterbahn Classic: Dragon’s Revenge!Boy and girl sliding in dark tunnel

1. Dragon’s Revenge is the World’s First Uphill Water Coaster! #humblebrag

Lifeguard watching boy and girl slide down a slide

2. Schlitterbahn celebrated its 15th anniversary with a major expansion in the Surfenburg section which included the Dragon Blaster in 1994.

MB test2

MB test3

3. Dragon’s Revenge was later re-themed in 2008, having a new birthday of 5/15/08

Family walking together holding tubes

4. The queue is separate from the ride. You’ll wait at the bottom by the Boogie Bahn for your tube! Once you have your tube in hand you’ll head up to the ride to face the Dragon!

Boy and a girl sliding down a slide

5. Dragon’s Revenge is one of our most popular rides… So you’re going to want to make it a priority in the morning!

run giphy

6. Do not fear, Dragon’s Revenge is not a boring line! You typically get splashed in line while waiting… Which is the best feeling in the world on a hot, summer day! #refreshing

hot giphy

7. Dragon’s Revenge tubes are the only tubes at Schlitterbahn that are green! They’re legit!


8. Check out this POV of Dragon’s Revenge put together by the YouTube sensation Grav3yard Girl!

Want more?… Come get your revenge this summer! Dragon included!

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