The first time that I rode Galveston’s Dragon Blaster, I had no idea what I was in for. Literally, my friend was like, “Let’s ride that ride!” And me not paying attention, was like “Yeah, for sure!…Whatever”jimmy

As I started to climb the stairs I realized that the ground started to look a lot further away… I started to question my decision on simply saying “Yeah, for sure!…Whatever”

j law

Finally, it’s my turn to ride and I thought that I’d simply just ask the lifeguard how the ride works. So, I did.. “Heyyyy… So, how does this ride work? What should I expect?”

She gave me a mischievous little wink and said, “You’ll see,” …and then pushed the green button!winking giphy

And then I dropped… and casually screamed. No big deal, like…

jonah giphy

And it was seriously the most unexpected, best rides ever! Schlitterbahn Galveston’s Dragon Blaster is one of my favorite rides at Schlitterbahn, so I am happy to give you all the Dragon Blaster details! Enjoy!


1. The Dragon Blaster is a ride with a series of dips, tunnels, twists and turns… But not before you drop 20 feet!

father and son on slide

2. You can ride the Dragon Blaster solo or with a friend… But the more the merrier, I always say!

boy and girl high fiving at top of slide

3. The Dragon Blaster uses the same New Braunfels “Master Blaster” technology to propel riders uphill with jets of water.

two girls going down slide

4. The Dragon Blaster is all about BYOT: Bring Your Own Tube. Before you climb the stairs to ride the Dragon Blaster, you must first grab your tube at the bottom of the ride! Don’t forget!

two groups of people riding down slides

5. At the end of the the Dragon Blaster you land in the Kristal River… So, stay in your tube…there is more floating to do!

Kristal River

Dips, tunnels, twists, turns and end it off with a long float…. What more could you want?! The Dragon Blaster is the gift that keeps on giving! I hope you get to ride it this summer! It’s not a want, it’s a need…It’s the Dragon Blaster! #bahnlove

excited seinfeld giphy

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