Families floating in river

Color on the Freedom Stage

If you haven’t been to our Corpus Christi Riverpark in a while, you are in for a treat! The entire property has gotten a half million dollar technicolor treatment that is definitely insta-worthy. There is new landscaping, paint, carpeting, and huge banners throughout the park.

How important is color in a waterpark? VERY. Color not only is delightful to the eye, but beautiful vistas and lush landscape help create a sense of space and ideal backdrops for great family photos.

The color is evident from the moment you drive up at our entrance gate and walk into our entry building and resort, and step out in front of the Freedom stage. And some of the best views are enjoyed by the gulls (and our Schlitterbahn drone)!

Every where you look the park rides have gotten splashes of color with new paint, the Resort has new carpeting, and outdoors the lush landscape adds a luxury feel. Photos really tell the story, but the fun is in the details! Let’s start with one of our favorites – landscaping!


From Sandy to Luxurious

Throughout the park, our plant beds have gotten a phenomenal infusion of flowers, trees, grass, and the all-important mulch (critical for fighting the island heat). When you bring native color to a place as bold and beautiful as Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi, it takes big teams who are experienced working at a serious scale.

Fortunately, the talented team at landscape company WLE and Johnny McDonnell were available and made it all come together. McDonnell, who has worked in the landscape arena since 2004, headed up the crew which at one point was as large as 40!

“Our job was to do in 30 days what normally takes four months,” said McDonnell. The team focused on a design for the landscape that incorporated native plants that work well with the unique environment of the coast. “On the island at Corpus Christi, we need to take into consideration the wind, the salty breeze, as well as the sandy soil. We use a bed mix and sandy loam for grass because when you have sand, water runs right through it. By mixing in a loam, in this case, chocolate loam, we give plants the ability to absorb the moisture.”

A list of the native plants that can handle the heat, salt, and sun, and that McDonnell recommends for use by large companies and backyard gardeners alike are hibiscus, bougainvillea, Mexican sand palms, lantana, oleander, and St. Augustin grass, all of which were used in the Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi project.

Luxurious plants at the Riverpark

Beds with color and native plants add a luxurious feel to the park.

Key to a successful landscape is understanding the goal for every bed, whether it is a high foot traffic area, or if plants need to provide a splash of color. And another key is maintenance. “With a high-end landscape like this, it has to look perfect at all times,” noted McDonnell. “It has that high impact and Disneyland feel.”