For years, the F5 has been that ride in Galveston. The one you and your fellow thrill seekers look at and say “Whoa, that’s crazy!” The twists are very disorienting for anyone in the ride, some riders have been heard to compare it with a spin cycle on a washing machine.



Up for a spin?


When we got the new that it was time to replace the fiberglass, ride designers around here decided to go with something with a little more bite.


Perhaps they got carried away.

Fangs of doom

Look out James! That barrier isn’t high enough – that’s and 8 foot tall head!


The new ride features, among other things, some serious looking serpent heads.



Look! It’s a pair!


We love taking a close look at the artistry in these highly detailed fiberglass features.

Head detail

Seriously. Is this a thing of beauty or what?


But no self respecting Serpent could be complete without a mad fin package:



“Fin” ishing touches. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)


So what’s the name of this new slithery, twisty, fang and fin filled ride? Hang on a little longer, Galveston fans. We’re not quite ready for the big reveal.


We will, however, be having a very special contest very soon – and you could win some cool swag and ride rights!