Most people don’t describe construction as an “organic” process, but Schlitterbahn’s Corpus Christi construction site is alive. Everyday the ideas, plans, and structures in the field change and evolve as they are built. The constant improvements can be quick alterations or in-depth and all encompassing processes; all share the goal of adding to the unique feel and entertainment value of the park. Earlier this week, one of these improvements could be seen in action.

The top deck of the entry building is raised 4 feet to create a larger environment for future guests.

A large crane was commissioned to raise a frame for the top floor of the main entry building by almost four feet. General Manager Stan Hulse noted “By doing so, the room’s size and feel was greatly increased, creating a warmer and more inviting environment for our future guests.” Not being tied down to a single set of plans helps facilitate this constant growth and empowers supervisors in the field to suggest changes that improve the end product. Another change can be seen below:

The existing lap pool is altered to create a swim-up pool bar area for future guests.

The existing lap pool on site is being converted into a walk in hot tub with a swim-up bar. The decision to convert the pool was made just two weeks ago after management realized that the old-style lap pool didn’t look or feel right.


The site is alive and will tell you what it wants to do (like turn a 40 year old pool into a cool new swim-up bar), and all the staff has to do is listen and to be open to changes. Hulse added “we want to fit the best product we can into the space and time we have… changing things on the fly isn’t easy, but at the end of the day, these changes help bring the park to life, and our guests can see and feel this attention to detail.”


Ed Note: We had a visitor to the site film this video and KIII did a very nice segment here.