It’s hard to beat the excitement about the building of our newest park in Corpus Christi. We knew we were going to have some big fans, but when 500 people showed up for our groundbreaking, even our enthusiastic crew was taken aback.




We ran out of everything because we foolishly planned for 300 (which was already 3 times more people than we ever have at a ground breaking).

But Corpus is AWESOME. Everyone was there.


Mr. Bob, as we call our founder, Mr. Bob Henry, noted that he’s always wanted to build a park in Corpus Christi. Now, at last, the dream has come true.



Needless to say, we are pretty pumped about having all those folks come back when we actually have some waterslides! Rumor has it that our first tube inflated for decor during the ground breaking has already been auctioned off! Now that’s enthusiasm!

We’ve already had our first ACE event, kind of – we made a pit stop during Schlittercon X to show all the Schlitterconners the site at South Padre Isles Country Club.


First Visitors to Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi


What a wonderful group of fans!

Most of the work for Corpus Christi has been done behind the scenes over the last few months. Drawings, ride designs, preparing the kids stuff, all that. Here’s a cool B-roll video we provided some of the TV stations about the items under construction at our Schlitterbahn Development Group in New Braunfels. Please note, b-roll video is designed for stations to just cut and paste from, so it’s pretty straightforward.

Nearly every station ran it.

Lately there’s been some big changes on site, and we are going to begin chronicling them here on the blog. One bit of big news is  introducing our new General Manager for Corpus Christi – in our next blog post.