College is a time for coffee at all hours, way too many tacos, and a wallet that tells you not to spend all your money on coffee and tacos. College goes up a notch when you learn where to buy a fake ID and no longer rely on the aforementioned coffee to get a buzz. Therefore, you might find yourself saying, “There’s no way I can go to the best waterpark ever this summer, I spent all my money on tacos, coffee, and booze and I’m still trying to find the money to pay for the Bloomsburg student housing my friends want to live in.” Obviously you could try and make some extra money by utilsing online casinos and the offers and bonuses that they provide. Many people have found this to be a very fun way of getting some extra income. It’s true that online casinos are very accessible for college students but, although some people will win big, that’s not the case for everyone. However, I still don’t want you to say those things, because I am here to share with you all the unique things about Schlitterbahn that makes the park affordable for all–even college students who may have bought one too many tacos. (You can never have enough). At the Schlitterbahn, we completely understand how precarious the financial situation of students can be. Of course, students can look now for ways to pay for college online but in the meantime, we are going to help out by offering affordable food!

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1. If it is Free it is for Me! Unlike some parks that will remain unnamed just like a certain dark wizard, Schlitterbahn offers free parking to all who enter. So when you pay for your ticket you don’t have to worry about an added fee just to leave your car in the sun. However, don’t let this prevent you from carpooling and releasing some college stress by jamming in the car with friends (we’ve got some tips on parking at our NB location). On top of free parking, Schlitterbahn allows its guest to bring in coolers full of food and drinks provided there’s no glass. This means that instead of having to leave the park and stand in the sun by your car while you eat, you can sit under a shaded pavilion by the water and enjoy your tacos or whatever food you decided to bring (here are some tips on packing an ice chest for ice-mous maximous). Furthermore, because you were able to save money on parking and bringing in your own food, you’ll have a little bit of spending money! This can be used on some adult beverages at one of our swim up bars. You can let that quadratic formula drip from your memory as you sip and relax.

2. To get more bang for your buck you can stay the night at our resort! Now you might be thinking, “I just said I barley have enough money to come to the park, how am I going to afford a resort room?” Once again, don’t worry we have many different packages that can fit all your needs. When you reserve a resort room with us you score park admittance as well. This means you will be able to enjoy the park the day you check in and the day you check out. Our rooms can also accommodate groups of people, so if you want to pack a car full of your college friends and stay in a room for a night you can all split the price! Which will save you more money to get some Dippin Dots, which are arguably better than tacos on a hot summer day.

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3. Discounted days. Each park has its own specific days throughout the season that has discounted tickets. You can find these specific days by going to the Schlitterbahn website and picking the schedule for the park of your choice. Discount days have limited attractions open. However, don’t fret you still get to have a true Schlitterbahn experience but at a college-budget-friendly rate.

4. Summer Job. If you still think it is impossible to come to Schlitterbahn over the summer, because you don’t have a summer job yet. I have the perfect solution for you. Working at Schlitterbahn! There are a lot of perks to working at Schlitterbahn, and one of those is getting in for free the whole season. You’ll be able to save money while making money and even offer your other college friends discounts. What is an easy way to become the cool friend? Getting reduced tickets to Schlitterbahn!

5. Free tickets. We all have some form of social media so it’s no surprise Schlitterbahn does too. Schlitterbahn likes to interact with its followers by doing contests for chances to win free tickets. By following the social media pages Twitter: @Schlitterbahn, Facebook: Schlitterbahn Waterparks, Instagram: @schlitterbahnwaterparks you will be able to stay updated on the latest and greatest contest Schlitterbahn is conducting for free tickets. What’s better than discounted tickets to Schlitterbahn? You guessed it, free tickets to Schlitterbahn.

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Besides all the discounts and affordable ways to get into Schlitterbahn, the best part of being a college student going to Schlitterbahn is being able to receive ultimate relaxation and high thrills all in the same place. Start your vacation off by forgetting the troubles of college by floating around the park and then, once you’ve distressed, you can ride thrill rides to scare off everything you crammed the night before your final.

College can be rough, Schlitterbahn is here to make all the long study days and nights more tolerable.