-Alissa Magrum, Executive Director, Colin’s Hope

I have dreams of being a mermaid someday and often wish I had been born with gills. I love the water that much. So yes, I love Schlitterbahn! I grew up going to waterparks every summer with my dad, the water slide king. I still crave the feeling of speeding down a slide and love the anticipation of the splash into the pool at the end of the slide. I am now the Executive Director of Colin’s Hope. I am lucky to spend my work days around water and sometimes even get to spend a work day at Schlitterbahn.

Colin’s Hope is a water safety and drowning prevention nonprofit organization that was formed in 2008 after 4 year old Colin Holst drowned in a public life guarded pool in Austin, Texas. Colin was playing with friends and splashing around when the life guard whistle blew and Colin was pulled from the pool. colin pic 3Multiple attempts to resuscitate Colin were unsuccessful. Tragically, Colin drowned. Sadly, Colin is not alone. Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death for children under 5 years old and a leading cause for ages 1-14. These statistics are shocking and a surprise to many parents, including Colin’s and myself. However, drowning is preventable!

Colin used to say “Today was the Best Day Ever” every day. This has become our mantra and is one reason why we choose to partner with Schlitterbahn. Who wouldn’t want to work with a water park that provides a Best Day Ever for thousands every single day! This shared vision of fun is definitely a reason that we choose to partner with Schlitterbahn. However, the shared vision of a world where children do not drown and a commitment to sharing simple water safety tips with families are the primary reasons why Colin’s Hope chooses to partner with Schlitterbahn Water Parks.

Water should be fun but it can be dangerous too. We want families to have MANY Best Day Ever times playing in water. We just ask families to change their behavior to be SAFER around water. Simple things like constant visual supervision, learning to swim, wearing life jackets, knowing the signs of drowning and learning CPR can help prevent drowning and save lives.

We choose to partner with Schlitterbahn because they help us tell park guests that water safety is important and share simple safety tips that are applicable during their time at the park and also after they leave the park.  Schlitterbahn guests can experience safety messages when they see U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets available for use and highly trained life guards on duty. It is partnerships like this one that will help families having fun in the water while keeping them SAFER. Thanks Schlitterbahn!

colin pic 4