Schlitterbahn’s Boogie Bahn is a Schlitterbahn staple, and is featured at every park…because everyone loves to boogie, right?


Though every park has a Boogie Bahn, every Boogie Bahn is different, and they all have their own unique qualities.

My personal favorite Boogie Bahn is in South Padre Island. There’s something about surfing waves while having the actual beach in the background that tops off the Boogie Bahn experience. Schlitterbahn provides the waves and South Padre Island provides the beach life… It’s a win, win!


Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about the Boogie Bahn: South Padre Island Edition!


1. South Padre Island’s Boogie Bahn is the widest of all the Boogie Bahns! So, you have plenty of space to show off!

red head

2. Like all of our Boogie Bahns, the wave can be strong! So, tie up your shorts and wear a rash guard! Show off your moves…not your body parts! ;p


3. Wanna just chill and observe people’s awesome Boogie Bahn Skills? Grab some food and drinks at our restaurant The Shrimp Haus: You’ll have the best seat in the house!


4. Schlitterbahn South Padre Island’s Boogie Bahn opened in 2001..along with the rest of Schlitterbahn! 2001 was a good year!


5. When the Boogie Bahn first opened in 2001, Schlitterbahn had a choreographed Boogie Bahn Show for called “The Celebration of Water.” Riders would perform trick after trick and wow the guests.


It’s Schlitterbahn season, y’all! There has never been a better time to BOOGIE!


Next time you’re at Schlitterbahn South Padre Island….Boogie Bahn! You just have to!

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