The first time I rode the Boogie Bahn was at our New Braunfels location, and I was 9 years old. It was the first of its kind and none of us knew what to think. The sheer concept of surfing and not in the ocean was groundbreaking! First things first, how do you even ride it? After a few failed attempts, I finally started to understand the concept! Now I am definitely not an expert, but I have learned a few tricks and I am completely willing to share my knowledge with all of you! (insert wink face here.) Here’s a short list of tips and fun facts about the Boogie Bahn:


1. In 2013 we brought back our Boogie Bahn Classic Tour where all of our pro-surfers showed off their skills!

posing with boogie boards     posing with boogie boards

2. Hands down, some of the best surfing you’ll see!

3. Disclaimer: These surfers sign a special waiver for the competition. Any “tricks” that have the board leave the wave are prohibited.


Sorry to be a buzz kill…

4. Fun Fact: One of our most popular surfers is an employee at Schlitterbahn Galveston! His name is Sean Beckwith and he is a supervisor in operations.


You’ve probably seen him on billboards, commercials etc… He’s a local celebrity of sorts!

5. At our “Holiday Splash” event during the winter time, you can sign up for surfing lessons with Santa!

GI-Santa-Boogie   GI-Santa-Surfer

I mean, how many people can honestly say they’ve surfed with Santa?!? Talk about bragging rights..

6. Know Before You Go: For the ladies, if you’re wearing a bikini, it’s a good idea to put on a rash guard so umm, errr…you don’t lose your top. Gentlemen, make sure you tie up your board shorts or swim bottoms!


Tip: If you don’t own a rash guard we sell them at our gift shops!

7. Practice makes perfect! The more you “ride” this ride, the better you’ll get!

guy surfing on boogie bahn

The pro-surfers are typically hanging around most days, and are always willing to share any tips!


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