The Boogie Bahn is a Schlitterbahn cult classic. It even says Bahn in the name! Every Schlitterbahn has their very own Boogie Bahn but just like a snowflake, no two are the same. Get your boogie board, hop on, and join us for the inside scoop of the Boogie Bahn – New Braunfels edition.

Contructing Boogie Bahn

1. The first thing you need to know about the New Braunfel’s Boogie Bahn is that it was the first Boogie Bahn at a Schlitterbahn and the first ride with the wave technology. In 1991 Schlitterbahn acquired 25 more acres of land and opened the Surfenburg section of Schlitterbahn East. Surfenburg first had Squirt ‘n Sliden water playground, the Kristal River tube ride, concession stands, dressing rooms, lockers, a gift shop, and the first ever Inland Surfing attraction.

2. You too can surf! Contrary to popular belief, the natives of New Braunfels, Texas were not all surfing champions before the making of the Boogie Bahn. New Braunfels is blessed with beautiful rivers and bodies of water, but no waves. Until 1991. You might not get the hang of it at first, but be careful, when you do you might just get hooked! Some locals who had never surfed before Schlitterbahn opened the Boogie Bahn are now among the best in the world. Professionals from all over the world have even traveled to challenge the powerful waves of the Boogie Bahn. Therefore, whether you’re a professional or new Boogie Bahner, don’t be discouraged. Grab a body board and slide in!

Woman surfing

3.  Just the facts. The Boogie Bahn is located in the Surfenburg section of the East Park. Although 50,000 gallons of water flow across the surface of the Boogie Bahn, the water depth is just a matter of inches. Beneath the sheet of water is a foam covered surface to ease the occasional “wipe-out.” This being said, the Boogie Bahn is considered a red diamond ride, meaning it is high thrill. There is a height requirnment of at least 42 inches for the Boogie Bahn. One last fact: the New Braunfels Boogie Bahn is the only Boogie Bahn to have a slide in. You’ll lay down and a small gate will hold you back, when the time comes you’ll be released into the waves. How long do you think you will last?

4.  What Next? There are plenty of great things right next to the Boogie Bahn! If you’re seeking some higher thrills, just walk down the steps to the Dragons Revenge. If you’re ready for some relaxation, the Krystal River will be calling your name. Food options are all around but if adventure gives you a sweet tooth like it does for me, our new Sweet Shoppe is just a couple feet away. Lastly, if you’re ready for some shopping, after you’ve satisfied your sweet craving, The Surfenburg Gift Shop is right next door.

There you have it! Whether it is your first or thirty-fifth time here at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, make sure to give the Boogie Bahn a try and show us your tricks!