Ain’t no Bahn like a Boogie Bahn!

The Boogie Bahn is a Schlitterbahn staple–there is one at every Schlitterbahn Waterpark. BUT, there is only one in Kansas City! Read all about the one and only Boogie Bahn!

Aerial view of waterpark

1. It’s the only place that you can surf in Kansas City

Guy surfing

2. It takes 50,000 gallons of water a minute to create the wave!

taylor swift giphy

3. A thin layer of rapidly moving water along with a padded foam surface creates the feel of a wave only found along the coasts!

guy surfing on his stomach

4. The Boogie Bahn is the only ride you can actually get better at! Aka the more you ride, the more you can show off!

today giphy

5. In 2013, we held our first Boogie Bahn Competition in Kansas City!

three girls standing at Boogie Bahn

6. The Boogie Bahn is located at the very back of Schlitterbahn Kansas City

guy doing tricks on boogie bahn


Come ride the Boogie Bahn this summer! Become a pro, show off your ticks and May the Force be with you!


For more information on Schlitterbahn Kansas City and The Boogie Bahn, please visit our website!

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