Blast Pass_Circle Logo_12x12_16Schlitterbahn is making rides a whole lot more fun. Thanks to the Blast Pass in New Braunfels. Available NOW! Guests who opt to pay the additional fee for a Blast Pass Wristband can have a blast while they wait! Instead of standing in line, guests can register for a ride time, then play in the park until it’s their turn.

This is the first time Schlitterbahn is offering this kind of pass to guests. Here’s our FAQ:

What is a Blast Pass?


A Blast Pass is a ride reservation system that allows you to have a blast while you wait! Allows you to reserve a ride time and avoid standing in line. Basically, you rent one of our Blast Pass wristbands, then go to a kiosk to reserve a ride on one of nine rides in the park. Then the wristband will tell you when you can head over to the ride for your turn. You are still waiting, but you can go play in another area while the time ticks down.

What does it look like?

We are so glad you asked.

Snazzy, right?


Do I HAVE to wait?

Yes, but we do sell a SUPER Blast Pass for a little more that will cut your wait time in half.


Sounds amazing? Where do I buy it?

We sell it in three locations:

Main: in a booth under the Down Hill Racer (long timers will recognize this as the “corn location.”).

Blastenhoff: Locker rental

Surfenberg: Locker rental

What rides are included?

Master Blaster, Wolfpack, Black Knight, Boogie Bahn, Dragon’s Revenge, Raging River, Hillside Tube Chute, White Water, and the Congo. Rides offered for Blast Pass can vary (if a ride is down for maintenance).


How much is it? 

Prices vary depending on the day, but start around $35. There is also a $20 refundable deposit for the wristband. Turn in your Blast Pass wristband at any retail location or where you bought it to get your refund.

A limited quantity of Blast Passes are sold each day.


Sold! Can I buy it RIGHT NOW?

You can beat the crowds by purchasing online, or at the park.

How do I reserve my ride?

We have seven kiosks located throughout the park. Locations are marked on our park map. Step up to a kiosk, hold your Blast Pass up to the screen and follow the prompts.


Can I schedule my whole day?

Currently, you can schedule one ride at a time. Reserve, Ride, Repeat!