Do you like the dark? Do twist and turns excite you? Does the prospect of riding an awesome water slide make you stand up at your desk and cheer? Wonderful, then the Black Knight is for you. If you said no to any of these especially the dark thing, don’t be fearful, grab a buddy because this rides perfect for two! Now that you have your buddy before you ride, here’s the inside scoop on all things Black Knight.


Family riding black Night



1. Give me the deets! The Black Knight is a totally enclosed water slide that is made for two. Two black fiberglass tunnels begin five stories up Blastenhoff Tower, just below the Master Blaster. From there riders speed down over 550 feet of totally enclosed black tunnel, negotiating twists and drops in the dark. Due to all the twists, turns, and drops the Black Knight qualifies as a red diamond ride- meaning it’s high thrill!


2.     Where can I find my Knight? The Black Knight is located in the Blastenhoff section of the park. Black Knight is part of our Blastenhoff tower and if you are looking at it straight on, it is the slide to the right of the Master Blaster. If you are coming from Surfenburg, you will follow the concrete path through Tubenbach (pass The Falls), and this will take you to the entrance of Blast. If you are heading over to Blastenhoff from our Main park you’ll first need to get on one of our trams and ride over to the Blast section of the park!


3.     Two lines, two times the fun. The Black Knight actually has two different queue lines, but don’t fret they go by so fast it’ll feel like you’re on another ride. The first line is at the end of the ride. This is where you will pick up your tube so that you have a mode of transportation down the slide. The next line you’ll find yourself in is right under the Blastenhoff tower where the other two tower ride lines (Master Blaster and WolfPack) are located. You’ll take your tube up the stairs and find yourself ready to make a splash. Just remember, don’t be a Newb, grab a Tube.



People in line for Black Night

Tube line location for the Black Knight


4.      What’s Next? The perfect part about ending a ride on the Black Knight is that you have three more high thrill rides right at your fingertips. Once you’ve conquered the Black Knight head back up the tower and try the Master Blaster or grab a group and take on the Wolf Pack. If you’re ready to float but not ready to escape thrill, then the Torrent River, a high thrill river is the right choice. If you’re looking for a tasty treat, once you exit the Black Knight take a left and you’ll run right into the best dot-shaped ice cream, Dippin’ Dots!


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