There are a number of interns floating around the Schlitterbahn corporate office during the summer, including me! Hi, my name is Nichole and I am the communications intern for the 2019 season. If you are an avid schlitterblog fan, you might have read a few of my blogs throughout the summer. It’s pretty exciting working at a waterpark during the summer while you are gaining experience in the professional world. This internship was nothing like I imagined when I applied for the position, and I got to experience many exciting areas of the hospitality and entertainment industry.

As a communications intern, most of my job responsibilities involved interacting with the public. I helped monitor our social media pages, answer guest comments and concerns and organize special events around the various Schlitterbahn park locations. Has Schlitterbahn ever sent you a comment on Facebook? That might have been me! Maybe you grabbed a slice of cake at Schlitterbahn’s 40th Anniversary party? I probably handed you a fork. I have had so much fun working with the Bahn Family to celebrate a terrific summer.

Enough about me, there are many internship positions around the Schlitterbahn headquarters. I gathered a few interns around the building to tell me about how their summer has been, and give us the rundown on what they do as a Schlitterbahn intern:

Jacob is a human resources intern and helps handle all the duties of the staff services department. Some human resources departments are aided by the support of a PEO company, like those recommended by Adam Enfroy (, but Jacob and the rest of the department handle things themselves here. He assists with hiring, recruitment and orientation for the new staff members around the waterpark. He is also required to assist the department when it comes to scheduling background checks for any new recruits. These are important, and many employers decide to get background checks in Maine when they want to learn everything they can about their employees. As such, this falls to the human resources team, just like the one Jacob is involved with. On a regular day, you might see him at the front desk helping staff members with their uniforms, which can now involve custom hoodies when the weather gets bad, questions about payment, or alleviating any concerns from staff members.

Jacob with his girlfriend at Blastenhoff.

“I think the best thing I learned is that everyone is going through their own situation that’s personal to them. Being able to cater to everyone’s needs directly, and not just treating everyone with the same specifics, because everyone is going through a different experience. Shifting gears between person to person and knowing that as they may come in with the same complaints, they may not be going through the exact same thing. Being a people person in the sense that you are there for them, not just to get the process moving, but you are there to walk them through it.”

Jacob Gonzalez

Human Resources Intern

Catherine is a marketing intern and always has different tasks on any given day. Sometimes she can be seen in the park conducting surveys for marketing data, and other times she could be serving food at catering events. She’s also responsible for answering questions from guests and monitoring reviews on travel websites. It is very unlikely that you will see Catherine alone, as she is usually working with the second marketing intern (a.k.a. her partner in crime), Kaylin.

Catherine and Kaylin snapping a selfie at the park.

“I experienced a lot more personal growth because I am a very structured and scheduled person. Being here, it’s been very day to day. I think it’s been very good to work in the hospitality industry and that you really don’t know what is going to happen in the moment. I have learned that it is very important to be adaptable and be able to jump on whatever is happening in that moment and help wherever I can. This has been my first corporate job experience and seeing all the different departments and how they all work and fuse together is something I will take with me.”

Catherine Douglass

Marketing Intern

Shane is an accounting intern at Schlitterbahn and specializes in internal auditing (whatever that means). He is responsible for keeping track of all things money that happen within the waterpark including credit card transactions, splash cash and resort room charges. Shane is very familiar with the Bahn family because he actually worked in the park as a supervisor for several summers. That made him a great candidate to experience Schlitterbahn from the corporate side.

Shane in front of the landmark Schlitterbahn castle.

“I have learned a lot from this internship, but I have really enjoyed the more professional side of it because it is different than working in the park, since I have worked as a member of the park staff for the last five years. So, getting the professional experience has been amazing, especially because there’s air conditioning. It’s definitely going to help me with my future career. The best thing I have learned is seeing how intricate and specialized the accounting department is and how much it takes to actually do the job. It’s so different than taking classes, so it’s been a really great experience.”

Shane Sandee

Accounting Intern

Overall, it’s a pretty sweet job working as a Schlitterbahn intern. There are a lot of great perks like eating at the employee café, having special discounts at places around town and getting to play in the waterpark whenever you want! As a communications intern, sometimes you get to ride the waterslides to get POV videos. Imagine getting paid to ride waterslides?!

Anyway, I will be forever grateful to Schlitterbahn for the incredible experience they have given me this summer. The sense of family here is unmatched and it feels amazing to represent a Texas Icon like Schlitterbahn. This may be my last blog post as an intern, but this may not be the last of me writing for the schlitterblog. 😉