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Guada Loopy & Loopy Luge

Guada Loopy & Loopy Luge, the tongue twister of waterpark ride names. I dare you to say it 5 times fast! These uniquely named slides can be enjoyed by anyone who is game for a good time, just a few caveats… 1. If your young tike, ’42 inches or shorter, wants to ride they’ll need mom or dad to ride with them. Families that ride rides together, have more fun together. 2. Wanna ride solo? Or do you wanna ride with a friend? Dealers choice. Can I get “what, what”  3.  Wondering why your friend who always rides the...

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Soaring Eagle: Kansas City Edition

Alright, we hear ya. What about the Soaring Eagle? No climbing, just soaring… Do we have your attention now? Are you interested? Yes! Okay, here are some things to know before you go, because “the more you know, the more you grow.” 1. The Soaring Eagle’s view ain’t half bad either. 2. You can ride it alone for $10, but that’s no fun. Buddy up and ride it for $15. Hey, it’s family vacay… It’s all about sibling bonding time because you can’t even with your parents anymore.  3. So your friends are saying you’re lame tell em, bro,...

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Schlitterbahn Resorts Stay and Play!

Did you know that before Schlitterbahn was a Waterpark it was a resort along the banks of a beautiful river? The founders of Schlitterbahn thought, hey wouldn’t it be great if the guests staying with us had a great place to play? And Schlitterbahn was born. Now, more than 30 years later, Schlitterbahn Waterparks are the main attraction, but at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, Schlitterbahn South Padre Island, AND coming soon to Schlitterbahn Upper Padre (in Corpus Christi) our guests can Stay and Play all over Texas! Schlitterbahn Resorts are open ALL YEAR LONG. But when the waterparks open the...

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Soaring Eagle: South Padre Island Edition

Wanna fly over an island?…. South Padre Island, to be exact. Well, you can at Schlitterbahn! Seriously, this could be you… Schlitterbahn South Padre Island is proud to give you the flying experience with our Zip Line: The Soaring Eagle Want to know what it feels like to fly?… Well, you are in luck! Here is everything you need to know about Schlitterbahn South Padre Island’s The Soaring Eagle! 1. The Soaring Eagle is for the thrill-seeking Schlitterbahn guest! You will be soaring 10 stories above Schlitterbahn at 30 MPH! 2.  The Soaring Eagle provides you with the best...

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Galveston River System

Ever dream of a place where you can just float all day and never get out of a tube? Yes?… Then you must have dreaming about Schlitterbahn–The only place where you can fully experience a waterpark without even walking! 1. Galveston’s River System connects all the rivers, beaches and the torrent together–which allows you to never leave your tube! Schlitterbahn likes to call it “Transportainment.” 2. You can swim, you can tube, you can ride waves. Galveston’s river system is what Schlitterbahn is all about… Staying chill! 3. I recommend riding the Dragon Blaster and then just tube the...

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“A lot of fun”

Thank you Schlitterbahn family for your dedication to our military. My husband entered the park for free and the family was half off the price of admission. This is a phenomenal discount and we really appreciate it. We had a great day.

We used the lockers for our valuables then parked our towels and lunch at the covered Wasserfest kids area. There was plenty of space and it was quieter here than in other areas. There was also a clock which I know was a complaint of other visitors.

If you don't want your feet chewed up use the lazy river that encircles the park to get to each attraction. You still have some walking to do if you choose this option so water shoes are a good idea. We did not have them and survived but it was really hot!

We had no problems finding employees to give us directions, in fact one employee overheard me asking a question to my husband and quickly chimed in. Also, whenever I asked any employee for the time, they quickly answered.

Overall it was a great value for our family. Parking is free, the souvenir shops were not overpriced, and you can bring your own food in. The lockers were anywhere from $10 for a small locker to $25 for a large locker. You could get in and out of the locker all day as needed.

Our children are 10 and 12 and big for there age so they were not prohibited on any of the attractions. In my opinion there is plenty to do even if your children are not tall enough for the attractions. We spent hours in the lazy river which has a wave section and a rapids section. There were also numerous wave pools and some slides for smaller kids. We were there all day and I still don't think we covered every part of the park. It was a lot of fun!

- Brooke G, Tripadvisor, Visited August 2017, Galveston, Texas

September 8, 2017


"Four night stay over Christmas-New Years. Great time and friendly staff. Hotel room nice and large...five of us had plenty of room. The torrent river rocks!!! Rode for a couple hours every day...exhausting and memorable! The two tube slides were good in the enclosed waterpark...only wish there were a couple more slides. Thanks for a great vacation!" --Shane S., Trip Advisor (regarding our South Padre Resort)

January 8, 2016

“Lived here 33 years. Here’s the lowdown”

I've lived in New Braunfels for 33 years. Here is my take on Schlitterbahn. It's a fun place for families or singles. It is in two sections so if you get tired of one you can go to another via shuttle. Lots and lots of different rides ranging from just floating to wild ones. There are sections in both parks for young children with lounge chairs for moms and dads. This is my one big tip: go the first week in June or wait until late August. During the height of the season lines can be long and it's very hot here. Wear water shoes as you'll be doing the hot asphalt dance if you don't have any, bring sunblock, etc. They let coolers in so park somewhere where all family members can meet. It's been my experience that theft is minimal and for our family we have never had a problem. Hope this helps and have fun!

- Rebecca K., TripAdvisor August 2016, San Antonio, TX

March 1, 2017

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