Ask me why I come to Schlitterbahn, and I will ask you why are you asking me a silly question?!  Schlitterbahn is not only a waterpark, but a lifestyle! There is something magical about spending a weekend at Schlitterbahn during the summer! The moment you step on the grounds, you can feel it in your bones and your heart starts pounding a little faster because you know something exciting is about to happen! That feeling, that is the reason why I come to Schlitterbahn! The bar located in the heated pool is a nice touch too. (;

jon summer

Last summer, I came to Schlitterbahn to have fun with my best friends before we all graduated from college and entered the real world. Not the TV show, the actual real world!  Schlitterbahn was a great way to completely zone out from all of life’s distractions, and really enjoy each other’s company. It was great to just reflect on how awesome (and hot) Texas summers really are. That is what makes  Schlitterbahn a Texas landmark. You get to zone out, reflect on life and get a seriously good tan. Schlitterbahn isn’t just a great place to get a tan. Most importantly, it is the glue that holds summer memories together.

One year later, my friends and I may be in different cities and work places now, but we will always have that one hot, Texas summer at Schlitterbahn! Heck, I love Schlitterbahn so much that now I work here because  though every day can’t be a summer day at Schlitterbahn, it doesn’t hurt to try!

Now, this may seem like a silly question, but why do YOU come to Schlitterbahn? (; #bahnlove